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Mer: The Captain’s Secret (Volume 1)

In a land where the sea grows restless, the summer breeze turns to ice and sleet, and Mother Nature has plans of another sort, dark and supernatural forces begin to unfold, fighting to unite the broken prophecy. In the midst of a tangled web lie the Castlecrays, a family with deep tragedy and mysterious secrets, who are torn apart and forced on a treacherous journey. Coming from a time when kings rule the realm, knights fight for honor, and eminence is power, the children of Castlecray are thrown into an unknown magical ambiance where nothing is as it seems, and bedtime stories come alive right before their eyes. Sweeping from a land of severe and savage seas to the sparkling underwater spires of a magical unknown world, this is a tale of lords and ladies, knights and nobility, traitors and trolls, who are all intertwined in a weaving maze of conspiracy and deception. Amidst gallantry and guilt, love and loss, the Castlecrays find their fate to be in the hands of their enemies, of each other, and of their new mysterious allies, the Wavekeepers—all vying to keep the balance between good and evil, land and sea, in a fight for the ultimate desire; the power of MER.

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warrior cat says:

Epic Fantasy My first thought about Mer was it has a beautiful cover. It also has a very professional video trailer. Could the book could live up to them?I needn’t have worried.Mer is the kind of tale I would have read to my children at bedtime and every member of the family would have enjoyed. Ms Phillips gives the reader a fantasy land every bit as complex and real as Harry Potter as we follow the adventures of the children of Castlecray Keep.There’s Aaric, sixteen…

Stephanie M Frankenfield says:

Anxiously awaiting volume 2 If the beautiful cover doesn’t peak your interest check out the book trailer and you won’t be able to resist diving into this book. It’s an adventure you are sure to love. Jade M Phillips has a way of writing to captivate any reader of any age or genre preference. Volume one will wrap you up in the fantasy, have you loving all of the characters and craving more.. So, now I anxiously await volume 2.

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