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Met mike Tyson told him I lost my virginity the night he beat spinks in 81 seconds but the fight lasted longer than I did he started laughing then stood up and hugged me


SchmidtyC says:

But did you bite her ear off?

bubbity says:

“Did you kith her too?”

TheCapnJoe says:

How long was the hug?

RobbStarkKingInTheNorth says:

lasts about as a long a GoT character

whitejosh007 says:

Now kiss

xTheJbone says:


WardSharlow says:

I was thinking syringe.

Batman384 says:

did you kith

NerdyDirty13 says:


idontknowwhatgoeshere says:

then he took your anal virginity

Picklefoot says:

Not likely, considering his recent article on recovery-

Diontejames says:

this should have more upvotes

TattooedWife says:


MrJPancake says:

no its a blunt

softservant says:

and by making a vital thing irrelevant, gaining Internet allowances. The Balance Remains.

Ucantstopthesignal says:

Apparently a jury disagreed.

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