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Microsoft SmartGlass App Updated for Xbox One


The main event at Microsoft’s E3 may have been the new games, but the company also revealed an updated SmartGlass app. Originally available for Xbox 360, the new version of SmartGlass for Xbox One will offer enhanced features, including the ability to stream games to a second-screen device such as the Microsoft Surface.

During a stage demo, Microsoft showed a player streaming Crytek’s new game Ryse: Son of Rome to a Surface tablet, allowing the player to enjoy the game as if she were playing it on her Xbox One. The new app will also allow gamers to play single-player games, while looking for multiplayer matches in the background.

A demonstration of this showed the same player running through a demo of Ryse: Son of Rome, only to receive a message that the Xbox One’s Smart Match feature had found an online match for her to join for the game Killer Instinct. Instantly, SmartGlass transitioned to the new game without a hint of lag.

In addition to the second-screen experience and the ability to setup online matches while you’re playing a single-player game, SmartGlass will also allow you to record your games and share them online using the Twitch video service, giving gamers the ability to host a live stream of their favorite games that their friends can comment on in real-time.

Image courtesy of Microsoft

This article originally published at LAPTOP Magazine

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