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Ming Dynasty


SlicedAvocadoes says:

1st baby face didn’t make me laugh, but the 2nd did.

olivortex says:

My neck hurts.

fourthnail says:

Did he just order lunch? Ok, I’ll leave.

ceara20 says:

this is soooo cute!

inertiaticflow says:

And, again, Imgur has made me laugh hysterically at work, drawing confused stares from my coworkers. Kudos!

ThomasOrion says:

He said dog, not dinner! This is coming from a guy who lived in Asia…and yes, I ate dog…a little stringy…gamey…like roast beef 😉

mg2255 says:

asians are dumb

raoulduke25 says:

I’d love to eat dog!

voodooch1ld says:

you had me at herro…


Is that really his wife?

Jericobot says:

I laughed and looked just like them. All of them

mikeybeef says:

+1 for Rottweilers

retardedmoose says:

No. Nope. Nein.

raoulduke25 says:

Why not? I dare you to give an actual reason that’s not based on the cuteness of the animal.

retardedmoose says:

Because of the conditions in which the dogs raised for meat in asia live in.

retardedmoose says:

Also because humans and dogs seem to form a most unique bond. I’d almost rather eat a person.

raoulduke25 says:

You have a preference; that’s it. Fine. You have no actual reason.

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