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Moon Lamp Moon Light 3D Moon Lamp – [USA Seller] [Upgrade] 16 Color Moon Night Light with Stand – Mood Lamp Book, Globe, Cool Lamp, 5.9 in, USB Charging (5.9 inch – 16 Color)

✨✨✨Athena Futures Moon Lamp is an elegant 3d Printed art piece with beautifully crafted Moon Gift Booklet and a convenient remote control. Size 5.9 in✨✨✨

💫❤️ Let the Soft Light of The Moon Creates Harmony and Happiness in Your Life ❤️💫 Athena Futures Moon lamp is a home furnishing and decorating piece of art. Touch design with Convenient Remote Control to turn the lamp on and off along with dimming capabilities and 16 colors.
💫❤️ Impeccable Gift for Many Occasions ❤️💫 The moon lamp is an ideal gift for a baby shower, house warming present, wedding gift, baby hampers, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Your lamp comes in an elegant box and a beautiful Moon gift booklet. Whether you want to put a cute light in your toddler’s nursery or want to make your guest envious by putting your lamp in your entertainment areas – your moon lamp can do it all.
💫❤️ Cutting Edge 3d Printing Technology, Safe and Non-Toxic ❤️💫Your moon lamp is made by modern technology which is the same as used to build aerospace parts and racing car parts. The moon lamp is made with PLA material which is non toxic and safe.

Material: PLA
Body color: White
Lighting Color: White and Yellow
Stand material: Wood
Battery capacity: 500 mAh
Charging time: 2 hours
Working Time: up to 8 hours (depending on brightness)
Power supply: USB DC 5V
Size: 5.9 in diameter (15 cm)
Remote: Included with battery

🌕Package Contents:🌕
Moon Lamp w/ in-built battery-1
USB charging cable with charger-1
Wooden Stand-1
Instruction booklet-1
Moon Gift booklet-1
Gift Box-1

✨✨✨We care about you and your 100% SATISFACTION. We are sure you will love your moon lamp!✨✨✨

Product Features

  • [MOON LAMP DESIGNED IN USA ❤️, BREATHTAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL]: Your 3d printed moon lamp is an artistic creation which will put a smile on you and your loved ones. Your lamp can be arranged to give pleasing illumination to your family room, baby nursery, children’s room, on a picnic or in a cabin in the woods.
  • [BEAUTIFUL NIGHT LIGHT 💡 FOR YOUR LOVED ONES OR YOURSELF, WITH AN ELEGANT GIFT BOX🎁]: The moon lamp is an ideal gift for a baby shower, house warming, baby hamper, Christmas or Thanksgiving. Your lamp comes in an elegant gift box suitable for many occasions. Your loved ones of all ages will enjoy the soft lustrous light and the natural appearance of the moon lamp as it add beauty to their décor.
  • [16 COLOR MOON LAMP WITH REMOTE]- Your moon lamp displays 3 beautiful colors – white, yellow and roseate. All the three colors can individually be dimmed as per your preference. atisfied with your product or receive your money back. Buy worry free, we are sure you will love your 3d Printed Moon Lamp.
  • [USB CHARGING CAPABILITY OR KEEP IT PLUGGED IN] – Your moon 🌕 comes with a USB charging cable of close to 4 feet so you can charge your lamp from any power source like your laptop, power bank or even keep it plugged in while in use and use the remote to switch it on..
  • [ELEGANT MOON 🌕 GIFT BOX AND BOOKLET, SWITCH MECHANISM]: A copyright beautiful gift booklet comes with your moon lamp depicting areas on the moon alongwith Apollo Lunar landing sites🚀. You will love it! Your moon lamp comes with a tap on switch mechanism with dimming capabilities and 16 colors – and also a fully functional remote.

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