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Mr. Monk and the Captain’s Marriage [HD]


Brian Pernice "Some guy" says:

The best show to come on t.v. in years Season four of Monk is one of the best seasons so far. The episodes are:Mr. Monk and the other Detective. In this one Monk is outshined by another detective but like Monk says he is probably cheating.Mr. Monk goes home again. In this one it is Halloween and someone is stealing candy from kids who went to Monk’s brother’s house. Could this tye into the murder of a security guard?Mr. Monk Stays in bed. In this one Monk is sick for the first time but he still…

D. Howell "#one Monk Fan" says:

a monk-ish monk fan say’s best season yet ! Season Four of Monk was the best season yet. Tony Shaloub proved that he is funny in any situation (as Monk). The season also dealt with the other main characters in a more in depth way, giving Ted Levine, and Jason Gray-Stanford, a chance to show us more about their characters lives. The Captain’s Marriage, and Mr. Monk Goes To The Dentist, gave us a different view or aspect, if you will, of both of them. I especially liked Jason Gray-Stanford’s debut as a so called rock singer (very…

Mark Baker says:

Fear Not. There’s More Fun with Season Four Everyone’s favorite obsessive-compulsive phobic detective is back! Police consultant Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) has sixteen more cases to solve. They’re sure to leave him terrified and us helpless with laughter.In this batch of episodes, Monk is faced with a brand new set of puzzles. Who shot the pizza delivery guy? Why did a masked man break a stock analyst’s right hand? Did Monk’s late wife fake her death? Who tried to run over Lieutenant Disher (Jason Gray-Stanford)? And…

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