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MRW someone reposts my original photography and gets like 4000 up votes.


wheelzmcripple says:

challenge them to a fight to the death.

ib4tl says:

Upvoting for justice!

TastefullyEvil says:

You are un talented.

melskunk says:

OP is probably Canadian

HeyItsHaley says:

I guess I should make this clear too, I’m not upset about the up votes. It’s the fact that it’s my hard work and I don’t get the recognition

MNice says:

YOU SHOULD BE PISSED! That’s why there are credits in movies.

kandykornknight says:

who is it? who did this to [email protected]!

dmolol says:

As a photographer, this is the dumbest shit I see and screams amateur. PHOTO BY SOME DOPE WHO BOUGHT A CAMERA LAST WEEK.

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