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PersKirppu says:

Can someone translate this? I have no idea what he is trying to say.

YesThisIsJesus says:

Why is this being downvoted? Just because you’re fat doesn’t mean you deserve an electric cart more than an old or disabled person…

Squigglyline91 says:

this is why i dont like this site, people downvote everything and then act like they are the purest, nicest community online.

kandykornknight says:

thats how I feel when I am working…

ButIDontWantToGoOutside says:

Yeah Imgur is actually full of judgemental assholes that just want to make OP look like a retard.

ButIDontWantToGoOutside says:

We REALLY shouldn’t be letting fat people use scooters. They need the exercise more than the rest of us..

gebsmith says:

+1 for truth, -2 for ‘Merica’

DelusionalDisillusionist says:

Murica. Where being overweight is not your fault and homosexuality is a choice.

YesThisIsJesus says:

A fat woman is walking into target. She starts running to try to get the last electric scooter because she is lazy and thinks she deserves-

EternalSunshineofthePotlessMind says:

did you really need to say this twice? If you don’t like it, log off for a while; then realize you’re addicted and check out the new stuff

YesThisIsJesus says:

handicapped parking and handicapped scooters so that she can continue her sedentary lifestyle. She gets mad when someone else takes the-

TheSiuFungIncident says:

this makes dislike fat people, even though I realize this is just one individual and they don’t represent the whole

YesThisIsJesus says:

scooter, and questions if they really even need it…. Even though she just RAN to try to get it. She is just lazy=doesn’t deserve scooter.

boudou22 says:

As a francophone I understood everything

DmDomination says:

I was with you until the bitching about reposts.

PersKirppu says:

Thanks! I really didn’t understand what was happening in that, I had no idea what electric cart is. And I thought ‘walking fine’ meant…

PersKirppu says:

that she was hot. 😀

DmDomination says:

Down votes from fat people or from your douchey use if Murica .

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