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Music Maven Steve Stoute: Legacy Record Labels 'Thing of the Past'

Jul.16 — Steve Stoute, founder and chief executive officer of UnitedMasters, discusses the music company’s distribution and promotional services on “Bloomberg Markets: The Close.”

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Sleeping Elephant says:

Rise of the Longtail.. don't need to deal with his brand. But can help out .. just watch out for the contract.

Samuel Hutchins says:

I've already seen a few music placements from United Masters artists during NBA/ESPN commercials. I think Steve has the industry clout to help connect more emerging artists with brands. Especially important seeing how the traditional model of income for most musicians is systemically changing.

mic9check says:

Completely useless, artist should deal with these aspects independently and not through a 3rd party like this one.

Gcina Sandlana says:

Is the service only in America or is it international?

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