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My 2 months old beagle puppy


susannahbanana says:

we have a three month old beagle puppy! puppy pictures forthcoming.

susannahbanana says:

we should have a beagle puppy party.

FlaccidWalrus says:


CommonWhiteGirl says:

MY* 2 months old beagle puppy.. now

HowILearnedToStopWorryingAndLoveTheBomb says:

*Danger: adorable levels are reaching critical mass*

s1rweeze says:

He demands treats!

scaredshirtless says:

You pick him up and cuddle him now!

daragan says:

Caption could not be more accurate. That truly is your 2 month old beagle puppy.

FumbleMyJimboes says:


AlbusSeverusPotter says:

Look at those cute little paws! And those cute little eyes!

iamireland says:

“Baggle” – Britta

Icyblackkat says:


YellowSnowman says:

Looks delicious.

CommonWhiteGirl says:


bubbity says:

I’m guessing it comes with Uggs, a Northface jacket, and a Starbucks drink?

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