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My AP Chem class is mostly seniors…this is what us three juniors will be doing after graduation according to my teacher's calendar…


idrinkcheapbeer says:

This is a trifling humblebrag.

WeWereJustKids says:

What the government doesnt want me to teach you..huehuehuehue

TehNoobinator117 says:


marcotte33 says:

American Public education at its finest

abaluka says:

Who has three weeks of finals in high school??

HumanOfManyAlterEgos says:

Your seniors get out two weeks earlier!?!?? At my school it’s like three days…

KarrotMaster says:

Lucky, all my ap chem class got to do after ap exams was play boardgames, watch movies, and play our ds’s

icomeforthecats says:

Right? I took that class and still ended up spending half of undergrad in chemistry classes. Although cooking meth is a tempting career

amazedtodeath says:

Actually true.

weezcake says:

Read it. Insulted, then realized.. you’re right.

marcotte33 says:

Wasnt sarcasm but thanks

GR3453m0nk3y says:

Same thing happened to me but I was the ONLY ONE. My teacher and I just watched YouTube videos.

IOnlyMadeThisAccountToBeAMassiveDick says:

just like my diahrea

pfhorrest says:

Why are chemistry teachers always the wacky eccentric ones? Mine liked to eat unlikely things to eat (like chalk) and start fires.

OnlinePredator says:


HopefullyNoOneIKnowReadsThis says:

Apart from the sanitation, the medicine, irrigation, roads, the fresh-water system, and public health, what has science ever done for us?

mysticspiralfangirl says:

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, R-… Wait… WHAT THE HELL DOES THE ‘R’ STAND FOR???

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