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My dogs' first snow


jptoc says:

Now that is a beautiful dog.

BobandBob says:

The next three pics are of dogs… YES!

terdFerguson says:

“the fuck is all this white shit?”

ChinaChinaPrimePrime says:

Four dogs in a row? CCCCombobreaker!!

JimmyMcperson says:

What is this sorcery?

Elapidae says:

I threw my cat in the snow once, she stood around for a second, then the cold hit and she sprinted back inside and upstairs under a bed.

LovelyDayForAGuinness says:

Just a little more snow then

TwoTicketsToTheGunShow says:

Four pictures of cute puppies in a row?!?! They’re so fluffy I could die!

TheTallestHobbit says:

This is first dog that looks like he speaks in something else than caps. Like, I don’t know… dog rainbows?

iwantedtochangemyusernamesoidid says:

*dog’s – unless there is one hiding somewhere else in the picture…

everonye says:

Thanks for making it snow for me!!!!!

sunshine9x says:

Four puppy pictures in a row?! Santa came early this year!

ISeeStarz says:

There is snow on his nose, I kind of need to bop it..

ImeantwhatIsaidandIsaidwhatImeant says:

Adorable. Your dog looks like a teddy bear!

ilikejucylucys says:

Give her snow. . Bitches LOVE snow!

KansasComrade says:

With a woof woof here, and a woof woof there

FruitoftheLoomis says:

Goldens are so fucking regal, even as puppies. +1

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