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My favorite bit from the Russell Brand, Westboro Baptist Church interview


igotsdemden says:

Who set this up? It seems like an odd pair for an interview? Brand is far more awesome and eloquent than expected though! +1

themonkeyisoutofthebottle says:

As a Brit, can we have Russell back now?!

scsj says:

I’d be willing to bet they aren’t the only group that does things like this. They’re just the only ones who get media attention.

thisdjssofunkyman says:

They may not have power in the typical sense, but they have the power (“Constitutional right”) to ruin important and emotional events.

Kharlene says:

(2/2) hard Religious Right sects. The WBC is just a louder reflection of what been around in the US for generations. It hasn’t gone away.

sevenofninetertiaryadjunctofunimatrixzeroone says:


Enraa says:

Of course. It’d be terrible to bash and hate on them disrespectfully! Besides, that’

Enraa says:

that would be without class. And I can’t be caught being without class.

Jet8402 says:

i’m not even british and i know how annoying his accent is for the people of england. he’s like Fran Drescher

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