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My friend ordered a broom online, this is how they shipped it.


Nathanfake says:

was expecting a gif

usernametooshort says:

did it get delivered by an owl too?

JuddBagley says:

Every box should come with a convenient carrying handle like this one.

MistaBlank says:

And it came with this sticker too

JuddBagley says:

Your friend’s broom requirements must be very exacting if he can’t find a suitable one locally. He’s clearly a power-sweeper.

laestrella says:

Even your cat is like “da fuck?”.

Jakemonster says:

As opposed to going to the store to buy a broom like a normal person?

vorduul says:

It’s one of those Firebolt 8000s. You can’t buy them in stores.

IzzyMann says:

LOOOOL i expect nothing less, given the kind of world we live in!

flamingflamingo says:

That looks like a mop to me. The lower white handle looks like the kind you push down to squish the water out of the mop head.

CockapooLover69 says:

Of all the things that didn’t happen, this one didnt happen the most. Source: Mail Regulations

mascaralvb says:

Who orders a broom online? The dollar store is down most people’s street.

Franklucker says:

There’s a cat so I upvote.

shinystar says:

The amazement of the cat. ‘That box will be miiiine!’

AtheistAnarchist says:

Sorry to hear your friend suffers from agoraphobia.

AtHomeWithTrolls says:

Cat’s clearly judging you for the broom’s packaging.

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