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My IT department right now


Jsavillo says:

You must work for the school system.

kruton93 says:

Do you work for the Flinstones?

BlueAgent says:

your IT department has 7 whole windows?! congrats

mikr says:

at least its not windows 8

imguridiancity says:

Every IT department everywhere*

SomethingOffensive says:

I actually like 8. I am still in the fence about 8.1.

dreadlockpirateroberts says:

Does it come with Office 2007 pre-installed?

HodorTimeBaby says:

My school is lucky to get Windows 95

flickerdart says:

If it ain’t broke (and management won’t give you an upgrade budget) don’t fix it.

bocheta says:

as a dev this is good news, finally IE6 gets left behind

VileFiend says:

Well, actually that’s like the best Windows ever.

code0011 says:

I just got Windows 1.0. What is this Windows 7.0 you speak of?

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