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My Thoughts on Smoking Weed!!!


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fdub301 says:

Sounds like those girls had some shenanigans in their weed. & there are
many many reasons why weed is illegal, none of which have anything to do
with health 

SherrodTheGod says:

they laced yo shit man cuz you should not be going thru all of that

TheBloodprint says:

LMAO… this mufu*ka said “BLACK BURNED LIPS” LOLOLOLOL, im crying laughing
right now

akumous says:

Authentic weed should not have adverse effects.

Big Boi says:

You got some laced weed dude i never smoke other peoples weed but i do
smoke not all the time maybe 2 or 3 times a week it calms my nerves and
keeps me chill. 

Javid Bencosme says:

train all day joe rogan podcast all night! all day!

codecaine says:

lol sound like you had some laced stuff

IndigoXYZ18 says:

I’ll off start by saying that in my own experience Cannabis has one of
the widest range of effects on different individuals out of any commonly
used recreational drug depending on said user’s genetic makeup. For
example Cannabis has less than zero pain killing properties on me, any
injury I have I feel tenfold under it’s influence and If I get high during
the evening I can expect great difficulty in getting to bed that night,
even Indica strains (Indica strains cause a sleepy body high, whereas
Sativa strains cause an alert cerebral head high and is my preference of
the two Cannabis strain variaties) keep me up till the wee hours of the
night. I should also note that not only is the Human body packed with
varying types of Cannabinoid receptors, each Cannabinoid receptor type
serves a different set of functions depending on the body system they work
for (immune, muscular, nervous, circulatory, etc.), each Cannabis plant
contains a different cocktail of Cannabinoids (only one of which being THC)
each Cannabinoid having a different effect on the different Cannabinoid
receptors, which in turn will have their own unique effect on the body
system said receptor is bound to. A commonly held misconception about
Cannabis chemistry is that Cannabis contains large quantities of THC
(Tetrahydrocannabinol) when in fact they contain large quantities of THCA
(Tetrahydrocannabinolic acid) which is then decarboxylated into THC when
heated or smoked (the most efficient temperature for personal consumption
being 225°C in my humble opinion). THC though it has potent psychoactive
properties (unlike THCA) has roughly the same medicinal potency and
viability (with the exception of treating glaucoma) as THCA, particularly
when it comes to treating cancer. Because of this Cannabis has thousands
of times the medical potency when eaten raw rather than smoked, vaped, or
turned into cannabutter and baked in foods. When eaten raw it has a
psychoactive potency comparable to that of chocolate (which contains
Anandamide, an endogenous Cannabinoid neurotransmitter) allowing one to
consume far more medically viable Cannabinoids unrestricted from getting
the consumer too intoxicated.

To address your why your Cannabis usage caused muscle spasms, your
Cannabinoid tolerance aside it was likely due to the fact that most
Cannabinoids (THC in particular) have Acetylcholinesterase inhibiting
properties. The Cannabinoid cocktail present in the Cannabis plant when
decarboxylated (heated or smoked, converting THCA into THC) chemically
inhibits Acetylcholinesterase enzymes, preventing Acetylcholine from being
broken down causing it to build up. Acetylcholine apart from improving
neurocognitive functioning (improves brain speed and concentration) also
plays a crucial role in muscle function, thus when an excess amount of
Acetylcholine builds up in your system it causes involuntary muscle spasms.
Seeing as Cannabinoids stay in your system for a long time (because
Cannabiniods bind so well to fat) even when psychoactive effects are not
present (even when you’re not high) it’s Acetylcholinesterase inhibiting
properties can still be in some limited effect (causing muscle spasms).
Acetylcholine receptors require two molecules of any Acetylcholine
receptor antagonist to fire (two Acetylcholine, Nicotine, Ethyl Alcohol,
etc.), this is why Tobacco smokers and alcoholics get involuntary muscle
spasms when facing withdrawal effects (On a side note this is why Tobacco
smokers are far more likely to become alcoholics because Nicotinic
receptors which are a type of Acetylcholine receptor that require two
receptor antagonists such as Nicotine & Alcohol to fire thus having a more
potent effect on the Nicotinic receptors which then in turn interact with
the Dopaminergic receptors releasing more Dopamine. Dopamine being the
neurotransmitter responsible for our feeling anything positive, the release
of which can be triggered by Endorphins, Opiates, Amphetamines, events in
our lives which we are biologically hardwired to feel joy from, what have
you.). I myself am a frequent Nootropic user (Nootropics are a class of
drugs, vitamins & minerals that improve brain function) my favourite
Nootropic is Choline Bitartrate which metabolizes into Acetylcholine and
causes me to get quite twitchy when I vape Cannabis along with it (The
Cannabis – Choline combo is a powerful dream stimulant and is an valuable
asset to my practice of Oneiromancy). In all honesty the symptoms you
described sounded rather benign, buying laced Cannabis is actually quite
rare and there has only been one documented case of Cannabis leading to
cardiac arrest, the individual in question had other drugs in her system
and had a history of heart problems, whether or not the joint she smoked
played a role in her death has been a heated source of controversy within
the medical community. It is often said that one must smoke half of their
own body weight in Cannabis to suffer a lethal overdose, following that
logic you would literally drown in Cannabis tar before the Cannabinoids in
the tar would shut down any of your body’s vital systems. In other words
your blood would have so high a viscosity (your blood would thick be sticky
with Cannabis tar) it wouldn’t be able to pump oxygen fast enough for you
to survive. There is a joke in the medical research community that goes
something along the lines of; What’s the easiest way to kill lab rat with
Cannabis? You take a compressed brick of Cannabis and bludgeon the rat to
death. All considered it’s easier to overdose on salt.

To this day I am amazed by how the inhalation of a vaporized vegetable
matter has radically sculpted my character and intellect into what I’m
proud to say it is today. In my own experience the Cannabis intoxication
teleports me to a hidden nexus of infinite possibilities where I am free to
browse at random the collective of all life my experiences, and yet somehow
it always makes me feel like I am experiencing everything for the first
time. It feels like my body and mind have been ignited by an electric
charge that increases any and all sensation tenfold. Time elongates as I
become far more aware of all that I experience in every second of time that
passes by. It looks as if I have just realized that I have had poor sight
my entire life as all that I see I now see everything in far greater
clarity. My hearing, sense of touch, smell, and of course taste, as well
as my logic, emotions, imagination and so on and so forth are elevated to a
level that before intoxication were not possible. Again you’re own
experience will differ depending on your genetics and the mindset you bring
into the Cannabis high. I once knew a gentleman of the schizophrenic
persuasion who was a poster child for refer madness propaganda, I also know
those who can only handle Cannabis once a month or so, and I know those to
whom getting high is something akin the daily Caffeine intake of an average
coffee drinker (drinking Caffeine all day, every day) and they seem to get
along just fine being high all the time. Me personally though I can handle
vaping everyday and for a long period of my life that was my relationship
to Cannabis, I now find that I reap more of it’s benefits when I binge vape
for 1-2 weeks once every 1-3 months. Everyone who uses has to find out
what best works for them. I personally don’t recommend anyone below the
age of 16 to try it (purely by happenstance that is when I first tried it
when I was 16) because that is when the majority of your brain finishes
developing (though your brain is technically always developing because of
neuroplasticity, your body including your brain stops growing and starts
dying around the age of 28).

If I were you I would give Cannabis a second chance, it *can* be an
amazing tool for introspection and self discovery. Furthermore I’d
recommend you use a vaporizer, besides having a far smoother and cleaner
high and chemical composition than smoke it also allows you to use a less
plant matter to achieve the same desired high. The optimal vaporizing
temperature for cannabis is 225°C, though when you are no longer able to
draw hits of vapor even after stirring the bowl your and herbs are brown
you can turn up the temperature to 260°C (though I don’t recommend turning
the temperature up any higher than 260°C or else you will almost certainly
cause the herbs to combust into smoke). For a regular user I recommend an
Arizer Extreme Q, for the occasional user I recommend the portable Ascent
Vaporizer (though it only goes up to 255°C).

Wishing you reach the inevitable 1,000,000 subscribers mark in good time;
Yours truly, an anonymous Canadian member of the Magnusite movement that
you will likely never meet. :)

Lord Devilon says:

It was too cool for you

tijuas0918 says:

Hahaha I used to smoke all the time then I stopped for like a year and then
I did it again and that shit got me praying to god for like 5 hours
straight hahaha I felt like I was about to die ahahaha now when I look back
and remember that day is funny but It seriously got me trippin

Isaias Martinez says:

Yooo the same thing happened to me too! But from what I found the heart
speeding up thing just happens to some people and eventually you just fall
asleep, and I love the open minded ness man! Lol

c1981 says:

Are you sure your eyebrows weren’t twitching from nerves, because you were
in Camden, NJ?! I’m all the way in FL, and I would be nervous about that,
lol; I’m just BSing you

Aamir Kadeem says:

The chemical is Tetra Hydro Chanibino. T.H.C
Keep marching on brotha WOOOOOOO.

Blk Ostrich Footie says:

I think you smoked weed with OTHER in it your last two times. Thats the
problem with people who smoke that don’t buy it, you got to look at it
before you smoke with random people. But its also ways stronger than it
was back in the day. Nice video

solzica82 says:

Hey Magnus, did you ever cheched your blood preasure? the reaction you got
can be linked to it.

SwoozieFAN says:

It sounds like your body got a different affect to it this time when my
feet legs and gums vibrate it means i get an adrenaline rush

Jersey Boy says:

It’s thc

Rendishen says:

back in the day they i almost smoked some laced with Embalming fluid. I
have NO idea who decided that was a good idea. also a lot of time people
will weed with Cocaine and/or heroin. those are the really stupid combos
that could very much get you killed. I have actually heard people come up
with the rational of mixing Weed and Speed together saying that it would
“Even” the high out. they lesson: never smoke anyone else’ weed unless you
ABSOLUTELY trust them. and with the amount of stupid roaming the earth, i
would say trust no one :P

kidsteal says:

You definitely got laced bro 

garrett callahan says:

lol it was prob just some good weed. or weed is just not for u 

anthony murray says:

Ok I normally don’t comment on YouTube but your a very stand up and nice
guy! So what you probably have smokes was either K-2 or laced for sure!
Keep it up good sure 

Erik Jones says:

Lol you sound just like Flair too

Andrew Malacara says:

it was probably coco puffs thats weed with mixed with cocaine

Micah Hite says:

nothing wrong with smoking a little weed

Erik Jones says:

I smoked this shit one time that made it feel like every nerve in my body
was on fire. Haven’t touched the stuff since

Kryptonite Kush says:

Well magnus , in all three of those incidents, were u smoking with the same
group of ppl? The first incident sounds like in was laced with a higher
concentration of dimethyltryptamine (dmt) or maybe lsd ( doubt it). If ur
gonna smoke, grow it urself. Even the weed we buy on “the streets” has been
sprayed with who knows what by r government, hell the cartel is the
government and wants drugs on the streets, but thats another topic. My
advice 2 ppl who dont grow their own shit is 2 examine the weed as best u
can and under no circumstances grab a blunt or joint u didnt witness being
rolled. Also if u can, use a vaporizer to 2 lessen the affects of tar build
up on ur lungs. There r healthy ways 2 get ur superman on. 

Marcus Sheppard says:

DOGGGG! I feel you on that vibrating in your face, and feeling like you’re
gonna have a heart attack. that’s also happened to me a few times, when I
was like 14 to 17 it never happened and i would smoke like everyday with my
homies, (i’m 20 now) but after that it just started fuckin wit me every
time while all my friends would be fine you’re the first other person I’ve
seen who has also had that happen. that’s the same reason i quit smoking
that shit as well lol.

anthony smith says:

Weed is for hippies. I only eat healthy stuff like McDonalds :/ 

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