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Nas, AZ, Big L, Jay-Z & David Bowie – This Is Not America


HAYAHgnosis says:

i actually think the big l verse fit good enough….jay z seemed a bit slow
actually , but LOVED THE MIX

southvballa says:

Really interesting mix. AZ’s verse wasn’t timed correctly with the beat,
but overall this was sweet.

EmBeZzLeR99 says:

Nice mix! 5 *

suckafish80 says:

nice one!

1KapG says:

Man, it has been a minute lol! You’ve come through with another great mix
though man. BIG RESPECT for throwing my man Big L in it !!! Thanks for
another great one dama

nuclearbox2 says:

the instrumental worked better than I thought it would, too bad the vocals
had to be sped up so much, cause big L already talks so fast, lol

WildKillerFox says:

great job as usual but…..AZ’s & Big L’s verses didn’t really match the
beat (not timing but speed) imo. Either way you did well on it to be able
to time them to it so thumbs up regardless

xxlaceylacexx says:

Exellent mix..luv nas

supamanluva4 says:

whats the david bowie beat u used mate??? loving it though very good work

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