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Nas’ Brother Jungle Revisits Their Childhood Apartment In Queensbridge


VIBE Magazine says:

We went to #NAS’s childhood apartment in #Queensbridge and it was crazy

Watch his brother #Jungle share random memories inside, including the time
Nas chipped his tooth in the bathroom:

wes bateman says:

what was the first song that played?

Finessed Analyzer says:

This is great, props for getting it done. I also think this is the
apartment shown in Nas’ ‘The World Is Yours (Q-Tip Remix)’ video he did in

Raymon Alexander says:

Some dope insight to a great Mc thanx for interview! 

tochiRTA says:


Sidenotez says:


2tone973 says:

This is gold.

Kool Keith says:


James Villarruel says:

why you cut my niggas freestyle out?

Khalid AKA Murda One says:

Incredible, Vibe should do the same with Mobb Deep, Havoc was making “Shook
Ones” in those apartments, plus its also the 20th Anniversary. QB has got
incredible history.

G Pace says:

The older jungle gets the more he looks like Olu/his pops

KING k says:

lmao he said I was taking the second doo doo of my life

Kim Punkrock says:

I live in the projects and I swear I was holding my gun and it went off a
few times like that. more than once. luckily I live alone, there are like 3
marks on my apt like that.

mountsun says:

and so we now know how Nas has chipped his tooth :)

SR Sincerius says:

Big up to Jungle for doing this. I used to think Jungle was hard to get up
with because you rarely see him.

BIG HASS says:


Bo Solis says:

Great memories NAS IS THE GREATEST

whablo100 says:

That was dope big up jungle, funny guy..

Eugene Ndamukong says:

Good documentary for a legend

PUSH050RaLo says:

Man we civilized in qeens helping each other out

Mac Fields says:


Gregory Jones says:

Shout to Avenue P

Aristote Mopanga says:

Bas was #showeroding #surfboard

lolbarrk says:

lol @ nas accidently letting off a tec 9 in his bedroom

Shamar moore Moore says:

Dope mike yi…you dat dude

Jose Sosa says:

Why the Fuck bitch high breed drake pic in the corner of this bullshit
video,plus everybody knows queens is and was the softest borough

kaffiene78 says:


rexx680 says:

Great introspective to a great artist who made a classic album 

Frankie J says:


Bo Solis says:


Bekithemba Ndondo says:

oh my this is great NAS my great

hiphopisdead says:

‘we had so many girls from the hood in this room’ ahhaah jungle is a real

EuDouArte HipHop Art Culture says:

shit, that was so cool. 1Love

ZeAkbar007 says:

brilliant, who thought us Nas fans would get to see where Illmatic started

Omar Scruggs says:

I love jungle’s words of encouragement about the dude being the future.

wouzi says:

reppin Queens till my casket drop

tswagg504 says:

cool to here stories about Nas and his lil brother Jungle…their
relationship growing up reminds me of my lil bro, even though we didn’t
grow up as hard as they did.

sailor captain says:

I been to qb before. If you drive on the queensboro bridge, it looks like
your riding over top of the buildings. Pretty cool view

Luiz Gustavo Lima Nantes says:

Lead Ghostface Killah to Park Hill Projects or for GZA to Brownsville.

tweeze2700 says:

Hell yea)h

sailor captain says:

This the feelings i get when i go into my high school and old house across
the street from it. I cant go back into my old house because some ppl
living there now but i get chills each time i ride pass. Its more then just
a building to you, its where you grew up at.

travis lynch says:
Aristote Mopanga says:

Bas was #showeroding #surfboard

ChrisM Jones says:
Mombera Pierrelouis says:

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