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Nas, “Illmatic XX” | Talks at Google


Kim Bae says:

I was lucky enough to see Nas speak a few weeks ago and I even got to ask a
question at the end 🙂 His response was quite thoughtful and eloquent. (my
question is at 49:48)

Finessed Analyzer says:

Why must people always consider Nas to be “high as hell” during his
interviews? Can’t he just be a naturally laid back individual?

Khary Robertson says:

I love Illmatic and the re release but to me it just exemplifies how
stagnant the industry really is. There has been no social or musical
progress in the rap industry, period, that is why we still have to resort
to the old greats to get quality music. 

Outstanding Cruise says:

This is the best interview NAS has ever done!

feedsunj says:

What is that jacket ? 

Tino Miller says:

This interview was
Never knew NAS had came this far on his own and as a humble guy who made it
from the projects ..
#Incrediable ..

Torrance Harris says:

wait until this social networking website called Seclang takes off. Its
the world’s only acronym based social network that allows you to post
videos, pictures, statues, but users can type using a new social networking

Pardeep DhillonTV says:

New Nas Documentary entitled WHO AM I is amazing – view it at our channel

Mac Dre says:

What really makes Illmatic timeless is that it’s a coming of age story,
same with Me Against The World by Pac. WIth each generation the boys who
become men, and girls who become women must come of age. I remember being
17 when both albums dropped, they both told my story. They both expressed
the frustrations of becoming a young man, and not being able to see the
world through a childs eyes anymore. Teacher, poet, rapper, just great

Rashid Black says:

“The streets wanna know, what is ur beauty regimen?”

ProGayAgenda says:

@dissenters I am talking about Nas and/or anyone else who can’t write a
song in any genre of music.

It takes some ability to put lyrics spoken or sung with and into a rhythm
but rap and hip hop became homogeneous, mass produced bullshit right after
Grandmaster Flash’s era when empire building music business hacks saw easy
money and started ripping off classic and true artist’s songs from decades

Every genre and medium of entertainment has been so raped of integrity,
talent, care, depth and legitimacy at this point.

Turned into government & oligarchy prescribed, designed enforced and funded
psyops to further weaken the already weak minds of america… part of a
true terrorist plot by official definition of the word, and administrated
through nothing more than a bunch of felonious trash running entertainment
companies, there is nothing resembling true music or art left anywhere in
the mainstream.

Proof of this… ‘they’ couldn’t infiltrate every televIsIon, lIstenIng
devIce, car, venue and home in every city or town in person and force the
human cattle to accept shit in place of decent music and art so they
destroyed decent music and art and replaced it with shit hence limiting the
current (at the time and still) options to shit, shit and more shit.

Then… through the cunning use of marketing pomp and deception, they
appealed to the community and society destroying and already prevalent
american selfishness, greed and stupidity and individualist cultural cults
of personality were born not as names and people cranking out and
perforning modern dogshit labelled “art” but as corporate brands.

They infiltrated the weak minds of the many who were so asleep to begin
with that they didn’t even see their food get swapped with a turd and now a
real artist can’t get anyone to listen or care over the deafening sound of
Lady Ga Ga or Beyonce taking a shit in their heads.

Mmm mmm mmm… eat that shit you morons.

You know… the only thing worse than seeing beauty decimated is being the
“fool on the hill” watching it happen.

This isn’t just about music and art… it’s about everything. And if I
insulted your favorite “artist” you’ll get over it as many have when they
put it in my face that the corporate trojan horse they hold in higher value
than even themselves makes SO much money etc.

And I was over it before the bullshit even came out of their mouths.

IF… IF anyone makes money and gets to keep it in this business, most of
them waste it on cars, sunglasses, houses, cocaine, liquor and whores and
wind up being right back to the broke idiots they started as.

If you have a tight ass and a dream and you’re not real bright, any casting
couch can improve your odds.

And while you’re high fiving all the material gains I’ve stated above…
realize that while some of these idiots have been talking about atrocities
in the world to sell records with some heartbreak bullshit… you know,
like religion, none of them have done any more than throw money at a 501
(c) 3 scam thus keepIng the money AWAY FROM THE NEEDY and pose for the
photo ops… you know, like religion.

Oh and… every one of these apologist, ass wagging whores claims some
religious bullshit too… you know, to make money… like religion.

Any questions? If so then um… GOOGLE IT. If you have ANY research ability
and intelligence whatsoever you will find the truth.

Seriously… I have to go listen to some Stevie Wonder to once again
cleanse my palate of this mainstream poop feast. You can’t fuck with Stevie


Troy Stone says:

Great interview!!! I didn’t even know Google was in on the 20 year
celebration of Illmatic, this was an awesome listen. I loved how Nas really
broke down who influenced him and how they would inspire him and help him
to not make the same mistakes they did… what an introspective
interview… “Kool G Rap had to love it or I failed”… WOW!!! Have you
seen this +Prime P , +Chandra Stovall , +Su-Neeta Elke, +Mel Dee, +Kiara M.

chaunt100 says:

NAS is the best of his generation AND YES THAT INCLUDES JAY Z AND EMINEM

Rahim Muhammad says:

I heard DJ Premier originally gave that “Waiting for the world to end” beat
to Nas, but he turned it down so, he gave to Rakim and Rakim used it for
“The Master” album and killed it.

fonfobells says:

this guy is not aging at all

908lion says:

try watching this with illmatic in the backround

Prince X says:

so depressing. He tries so hard to milk this album when the truth is…he
literally had nothing left to give after this. All his other albums are
incredibly disappointing..

Prince Edward says:

Nas looks like a fag in that tight, pink jacket… This nigga is wearing
shades & a jacket indoors like every other dumb ass middle-aged rapper who
forgot he entered a building..Give it up, man, go back to raising your
daughter in Africa.

Koketso Ntsoane says:

Fuck he’s heller high!!

Fred Bag says:

i was lucky in rock’W
hey homie Dont forget me even 50
growing rich tree AUSOK by now

TheBigP99 says:

i respect Nas in so many ways.. Mad love!

Mz. Little says:


Teba Shumba says:


thetruthis9 says:

at least we can rate and comment on this one…

NZA2 says:

lol google asked surprisingly great questions, though

Michael Tate Jr says:

Yes detroit my home, I have that story, let me know when your ready to

Brian Letlhabane says:

…one of the greatest to ever live…history will remember him fondly…

James c says:

lol idk why everyone was sleepin on him

BNWK2ATL2004WORD says:

It’s always great to hear from real lyricist I’m a 70s baby so I remember
good music from true hip hop artist from the beginning and what’s being
played on the air waves now is ridiculous it’s no thought put in to the
craft anymore so I don’t bother to listen! Much respect to pioneers like
nas. ..

Cristian Guajardo-Garcia says:

Nas en +Google 

Howard Stefan says:

Hey! I’m a L.A. Acoustic Singer/rapper with a chill vibe and influence form
Check out my acoustic rap version of “Represent” for a new spin on a
classic. Thanks!!!


One of my all time favorites!
Subscribe to our music channel plz!

George Bossman says:

Dear google your interviewer makes me so sleepy. please make it stop or
disply one sentence that somes up his long winded statments and cut his
part out. PLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLease i beg you. this seems like such a great
interview but i cant do it. I cannnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnt pleasssssssssssssssss
make it stop its like a grandpa thats not your with epilipsy and down
syndom and alhiemerz asking nas questions in half english half not english.
Stop please. Its worse then my grammer here.

Danté Richmond says:


Ntaliyane Zulu says:

The Poet who maintained the balance between fame and originality 

john bluford says:

King Nas!!!

pkay dennis says:

ONCE i get a foot in. i gotta take it all

Noal Downey says:

Please explain gayagenda 


LOL @The Guy’s Voice Shaking; Asking The Question About Beef/Competition.
Great Interview Though.

João Mindo says:


Uchenna Okere says:

Hi thought’s on “The proof that America works” is probably the most
powerful statement in this talk.

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