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Nas Life Is Good interview: “We don’t chase pop, pop chases us” |

On the UK leg of NaS’ recent tour, SoulCulture TV took a road trip up to Manchester to speak to the legendary emcee about his latest album, Life Is Good; out…

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Ntaliyane Zulu says:

The Don


Real Inspiration.

Douglas Ochoa says:

nigga wtf u smoking. what the fuck possessed u. to come out your face. now
i gotta wet you. ur retarded to even say he fell of. 20 yrs later n he will
still tell u shit that u never heard of thought n. str8 gangsta. fuck outta
here nigga. go suck soulja boys n 2 chainz dick

xMeGaTroNz says:


iDemocritus says:

@moilario god and the devil, do you believe in the boogyman too?

MrSouleater27 says:

Nas and just blaze kind of sound alike.

Ssyfmo Ra Sorcera says:

Check out my Original Demo on it’s called “Galactic Hitmastaz”
all positive real hip hop with a deep message. I’m underground myself my
artist name is Ssyfmo Ra Sorcera got a solo project coming soon i’ll update
you on it

The Bigfoot Canvas says:

For real, this was LL Cool J’s strategy for years, a single for the club
and to sell the album, and then have the rest of the album real hip hop.
Soon come though, 2013 will be a good year for hip hop

Chockras Opin says:

im sorry

waveyydameyy says:

WHAT SONG AT 3:08 !?!

J. Shydigga says:

The best blessing in life is music i agree

wbanderson2014 says:

If u dont understand what this man just said. You dont understand hip-hop,
or the direction of his career. And where he stands in hip-hop compared to
other rappers.

Mark Cole says:

1.Illmatic 2.It Was Written 3.Life Is Good 4.Untitled 5.God Son

jimbo24 says:

fuck gay z

Dominican King says:

nas wrote jiggy with it for will smith number 1 hit and that album went
like 14x platinum he is the best no one compares to nas!

LIVEPro3 says:


Cesar Gomez says:

it was after the show so his voice was gone

DCGalaxy1 says:

I would compare Dre’s Producing level to Nas’ rapping level (unmatched)
anyday. The only difference is Dre has been around longer and stayed

Jamiel Cotman says:

I like when he talked about tapping into the sound that represents him


big up all di artists. MAAAD TINGS

MC0090 says:

one of the greatest MC’s to bless the mic ….. 1

EsteLFresco says:


Jay Tiz says:

GOD FIRST,GOD ONLY remember that all my big dreamers

Luke Medrano says:


chrisvergarap says:

Album is RAW

kindell1 says:


MCJAZR97 says:

@moilario nas nver worshipped the devil you stupid idiot

TheDueI says:

I’m buying two copies of Life Is Good, one for myself and another to give
to my children.

iamjd32 says:

That’s my man right there. Nothing but luv for Mr. Jones.

Maro Vok says:

nas what the fuck u talking about too much about nothing, wtf ?!

nasmdok53 says:

hes been in the game 4 around 20 years and you just want 2 say hes a sell
out you kant blame him 4 tryin 2 make sum loot theres rappers that sell out
after the 1st album he is still the most lyrical rapper in the game and
will always be he speaks from the truth and always will

Writers BLOC says:

“Daughters” brings chills to ya spine! Nasty is back FO’ REAL!!!

Ted Williams says:

It would be redundant if NaS comin back wasn’t so much fuckin fun. I
honestly got to a point where I was just “fuck the 90’s man, things need to
grow where they’re going, enough with this ‘every one should try and remake
Illmatic’ BS”. Then, this album kind of blindsided me, not only cus its
classic, new, raw, and fresh all at once, but cus I realized how much I
miss this sound, how much rap used to make me pay attention. So for me,
it’s not redundant, he made a classic vibe sound fresh again

DCGalaxy1 says:

Dre was around before their was even a game, he worked with pac, ice cube
snoop, NWA and em and made them all legends. Dre has been around as far
back as the late 80’s. I Agree Nas shit’s on Snoop, Rakim and even Ice cube
but Dre is a fuckin Relic maybe not as a rapper but a veteran producer.
He’s a true king.

InchesNPK says:

nas life is good tour UK 02 ARENA MARCH TICKETS GO ON SALE OCTOBER 19TH…

House Of Hoops says:

One of the few rappers without an ego and one of the few rappers who
respects and is grateful for others around him

Paul Agola says:

i respect Nas but remember these are artists man…they will say alot of
stuff during the interview but is it real

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