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Nas – Miss Jones Interview During The Battle With Jay(2 of 4)


Joey P says:

LMFAO Nature made a song called “we ain’t friends no more”

Yuri muckraker says:

I remember hearing this interview when it came out after Nas has his
comeback and destroyed Jay-Z, Stillmatic epic album, and Nas didn’t even
have to reply to anyone response, his own ether and destroy and rebuild,
just wiped his enemies off the planet

LuSizzle says:

whats the back round music at 9:22?

614grind says:

Nas Ethered Jay again in this interview. I didn’t mean to break his soul
down but Ether is some powerful science, and it broke his spirit” LOL!!!!

CowboyKilla89 says:


kripler86 says:

Nas still doing it

FrankWonderBeantown says:

What song was Prodigy screaming in the background of?

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