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Nas – SXSW 2012 – N.Y. State of Mind


Jonny Khatru says:

Loool oh shit I meant no disrespect, in that case come on Primo…. Shut
the fuck up! Hahah. The guys a legend but seriously he’s shitting all over
the performance

MrTrugod says:

By hype man, do you mean the producer of this track, and one of the
greatest DJ’s to ever touch the 1’s and 2’s? That “hype” man would be DJ

Jonny Khatru says:

fucking hype man, shut the fuck up

Reggie says:

this it's not boring at all! I feel the same about mynblog sometimes but I like blogs that are realistic about style. We can't always strut around in heels and dramatic skirts or what not. I love the look!Also I LOVE your hair color! Is it natural? If not tell me where u got itcohwww.!

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