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Natascha Encinosa Is The Woman With Real-Life Chun Li Thighs

We all have that celebrity that people say we look like. For me, people never stop telling me that I look like Wally fromWhere’s Wally but if he were wearing normal clothes. That or a less sexually veracious Hugh Grant.

ForNatascha Encinosa, a Miami based fitness model, it’s theStreet Fightercharacter, Chun Li.

Chun Li is famous for her fairly voluptuous frame, in general but, mostly, it’s her huge thighs. With this in mind, one dayNatascha decided she’d share a picture on her Instagram featuring her, also fairly shapely, thighs. The crowd went wild.


The picture racked up all the likes and two weeks later, due to popular demand, she dressed as the fabled character…


LOL. I love y’all. Should I consider cosplaying Chun Li? #ivebeennamedthereallifechunli #thanks #iwish

It’s pretty uncanny. And it’s not just retro video game characters, she has a whole host of pictures to share on her instagram…


To you, it was just picking flowers. To them, it was a massacre. Shot & edited by @mikeography A photo posted by Natascha (Naty) Encinosa (@nataschaencinosa) on


If time takes me (and time will take me), I will come back as a single feather. So please come back as a breeze.

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