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Nate and Hayes

An old-time swashbuckler, filled with daring fights, colorful characters and dangerous escapes, as a missionary teams up with a buccaneer to rescue his fiancee from the pirates who kidnapped her. Tommy Lee Jones, Michael O’Keefe and Jenny Seagrove star. 99 min. Widescreen (Enhanced); Soundtracks: English Dolby Digital stereo Surround, French Dolby Digital mono; Subtitles: English. NOTE: This Title is Out Of Print; Limit One Per Customer.The swashbuckling adventure, Nate and Hayes, is a long lost prototype for the more recent Pirates of the Caribbean. Morally-intact pirate, Captain Bully Hayes (Tommy Lee Jones), adopts Nathaniel Williamson (Michael O’ Keefe), a reverend’s son, to fight the ultra-villainous, slave-trading pirate crew headed by bounty hunter, Ben Pease (Max Phipps). Hayes makes a living illegally selling weaponry to native islanders, but that’s nothing compared to the misdeeds his ex-friend Pease has lately undertaken. After Pease’s shipmates pillage and kill everyone related to Nate and his fiancé, Sophie (Jenny Seagrove), Bully Hayes springs to action, motivated by his own romantic interest in Sophie, which develops as the plot thickens. Nate and Hayes looks and feels like Indiana Jones, with Disneyland-like island sets, Tommy Lee as the heroic, charismatic guy full of one-liners, and natives costumed with generic “native” bones through the nose, feathered headdresses, and grass skirts, making it easy to date this film according to Harrison Ford’s classic. Plentiful sword-fighting scenes and shots of pirate ships sailing the open seas guarantee to please pirate buffs, though Nate and Hayes doesn’t have the swarthy power of classics like The Black Swan, or those starring Errol Flynn. –Trinie Dalton

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C. A. Luster "The Rook" says:

Pirates Pilfer Plenty I had this on Beta years and years ago. Why this isn’t out on DVD by now is beyond me. Any fan of Tommy Lee Jones should love it. Fans of adventure and pirate movies will enjoy it as well. Jones and Michael O’Keefe are a good team in this lighthearted action movie. The story, acting, music, and directing are borderline great. Unfortunatly it didn’t catch on at the time of it’s release and most of the following is people that lucked upon it on TV or at a rental store.

Sean A. Cole "The Viceroy" says:

“It’s hard to love a ship : they rot.” This movie is a GOOD time waiting to happen. It’s simply fun. Lots and lots of fun. More fun than a sack of badgers. Tons of action, great fight scenes, excellent humor, and fantastic cinematography. I’m surprised we don’t get more movies set in the South Pacific (except, of course, for the deadly sharks, destructive typhoons, remoteness, lack of modern medicine, headhunters and posoinous everything; some people are just more easily deterred than I am, I suppose.)

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