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National Cat Day

October 29th, 2011 National Cat Day My girls make an appearance or two in this. The song is ‘And the Mouse Police Ne…

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kittencat22 says:

Really cool video 😀 Cats rule! :3 *purr*

thepixieful says:

is that a convention of aposticats? 

madamecrystal says:

I have the drinking songs for irish cats album! then again naturally, I love kitties so much

zombeepictureshow says:

I am allergic to cats, still I have one. Go Kitties. I am allergic to dogs as well, but pound for pound cats have a lot more character. Release the kitties. watch?v=FwTIwE8mInk

Eopyk says:


All love from me Jasmine

Ribcagehacksaw says:

i love so much the kittehs! <3

panthera50 says:

 ^..^ ♥

xxxild says:

So many great quotes! 🙂

ulthea says:

Naww this made me miss my kitties! Off to mum’s house to hug her cat instead!

TheRecoveringZombie says:

Knew you would understand!  PET THE CAT!

TheRecoveringZombie says:

They are!

TheRecoveringZombie says:

@HeroinChurch :-)

TheRecoveringZombie says:

Jehovah Cat is great–even though he is kind of a jerk. At least in Judicial Committees.

jwFairyTale says:

>:-3 jhvhcat

Lambieschmoo says:

Kitties and Tull are perfect combo

TheTruePooka says:


TheRecoveringZombie says:

Oh! One White Duck/Nothing At All and Requiem are my two most favorite songs by JT!!!! 

TheMudbrooker says:

Always been partial to “Minstrel in the Gallery” myself.

TheRecoveringZombie says:

Unfortunately no. I wish there was though. This was in the days when 35mm film was being phased out and digital was coming in. 

TheRecoveringZombie says:

When I was an undergraduate, my department had a Halloween/Talent Show party. I went as Ian Anderson, circa 1970’s when he was wearing the tattered, plaid overcoat, complete with facial hair glued to my face with spirit gum and a codpiece. Good times, good times.

TheRecoveringZombie says:

The old man image came from Ian’s first wife who was a photographer. She took a picture of a homeless man and it struck a chord with Ian.
Here in the States, people only recognize JT for ‘Aqualung’ and ‘Locomotive Breath.’ It’s a shame really.
I own every CD and a few vinyls by JT and Ian Anderson. It’s vital stuff to me.

TheRecoveringZombie says:

Horses was yet another one of their underrated albums. Of course, most all JT albums are underrated and under-appreciated except for Aqualung. It’s a crime that they still have yet to be inducted in the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Fame.

TheRecoveringZombie says:

Aye. It’s found on the ‘Heavy Horses’ album. 

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