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Native American Moccasins: A Craft Manual

First published in 1969, this book is still considered the most comprehensive and diverse work on the subject today.
Detailed instructions for measuring, pattern-making, fitting and construction guide the craftsman in producing a wide variety of Native American footwear that are authentic and well-tailored to the individual’s foot.
This expanded edition contains patterns for 28 moccasin types covering over 30 tribes, along with historical information. Comprehensive new instructions on making Plains hard sole, Northern Plains soft sole, and Cherokee/Southeastern style moccasins are now included.
Forty-one full-color photographs of moccasins from many North American tribes, along with 22 historic period photos, make this book a wonderful reference for both collectors and craft workers.

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Anonymous says:

Significantly revised and improved from the earlier editions. I’ve had an older first or second edition of this George White book for some time and it is still very useful and a favorite but this brand new December 2013 printing includes significant improvements and is well worth getting even if you already have an earlier copy in the original format.The early editions of the book were pretty good even though they weren’t in color and the illustrations and format weren’t up to more modern standards. This 2013 edition has many color photos…

Anonymous says:

An excellent new edition The 2013 edition is a very fine volume. I have the original 1969 edition which I bought from Tandy Leather back in the early 1980’s. The editors, Barry E. Hardin and J. Rex Reddick, greatly enhanced Mr. White’s original edition. The drawings have been upgraded. Of particular use to the craftsman are the new instruction on making Plains tribes’ soft and hard sole moccasins. I especially like the numerous photographs of various moccasins. The photos and paintings of various American Indians are…

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