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Jonathan Alvarado says:

I bet they would and I also bet they like killing others and taking their hard earned money.

Michael Riedstra says:

Listen this how they live….I dont support the pirates..but they canoont make money any other way

merchmarine97 says:


eegan ranhcoc says:

that’s what the media portrays to you white americans, you people are so spoiled, and babied, and believe anything the media tells you. what if you were a farmer and people kept stealing your food and poisoning your water and crops, you would take some defense against the antagonist and anybody else that’s affiliated with the devils, if im trying to feed my family and some jackasses keep getting in my way im going to do what’s necessary to survive, that’s what you americans don’t understand.

SadeyHD says:

That wasn’t even close to any known form of poetry and had run on sentences (in a poem….), but +1 for supporting the seals in this rather than the scrubs white knighting for the pirates

SadeyHD says:

Implying hijacking a boat and killing people is the answer. The pirates are taking breaths they dont deserve.

Redaxerocker1 says:

I hate those black skinny ugly pieces of shit. They should all be tortured as long as possible

Konrad Verner says:

‘MURICA FUCK YEA! Hail to the SEALS FOR TAKING DOWN THOSE SCUMS. We should kill every one of them!!!!!!!

junhe jeong says:

they are making a movie

kyle harris says:

Spetzanaz would shoot both Phillips and the pirates

Fun says:

Poor stupid guy typing on his computer and judging the misery of being from ethiopia or somalia, i bet they’d love to give up being pirates, having your salary, and sit in front youtube to comment bullshits.

doug baker says:


if6was929 says:

Just who are “they”, the Captain and crew of the Maersk? The ship was bringing aid (food, meds, etc) to the region. Maybe “they” should pass by Somalia next time and deliver the supplies somewhere else! The hijackers were pirates and they weren’t going to use the ransom money to help clean their environment.

if6was929 says:

Please… The pirates were criminals that didn’t care one iota about their environment. Irony was also lost on them as the Maersk was bringing aid (food, meds, etc) to the region. Factories pollute the air and water in the states; does that mean the people of NJ should “protect their turf” by hijacking factory employees and trucks?

StrikerAirsoft1 says:

A Liitle Poem for the US Navy and the Seals:
Not only will they Shoot you dead from the fantail of a destroyer whily you’re in a life raft in choppy seas. No! They’ll do it at night….on easter Sunday! Thanks Seal’s!

bushmen123 says:

Pirates of the Carribean music lol nice…

eegan ranhcoc says:

They pollute our coastline with toxic waste and steal our fish& seafood and then expect us not to do anything? yea right

larry hover says:

they have been destroying the waters around samolia for decades..those pirates where defending their turf thats all

Scott Allen says:

I am Proud. Way to GO MEN!!

larry hover says:

the real truth of the Somali “pirates”. the waters of Somalia was good fishing grounds. the Somalis made good living off the ocean. the shit began when the Europeans began dumping nuclear wastes in Somali waters poisoning the fishes and polluting the waters. fish stocks dropped dramatically with Somalis dying off the poisoned fishes. this is where the so called “piracy” began. the white media will never tell the truth.

Nocliphuman says:

Medal Of Honor Warfigter

rex encallado says:

we been attack by pirates before they shoot us 5 times using rocket propel grenade and tanks to the royal navy who rescued us… i hope this pirates will be captured….

Joe Armani says:

saved a criminal

MsBeccaLeigh says:

in October, the movie “Captain Phillips” is scheduled for release…..oscar buzz already for best picture and best actor (Tom Hanks is Capt Phillips)

Dougiedrumz says:

would luv to see a documentry about the rescue

Michael Higgins says:

Wait a sec? Is this a mission is Medal of honor warfighter?

ralph barley says:

well said

ralph barley says:

took over three days for D.C to confirm rescue to take place, the SEALS were ready before hand and were pissed lol.

ralph barley says:

with the aid of seal team 6 (green team) which had a member involved in the rescue which was in the team which went down in the black hawk which went down in the killing of bin laden , he is still alive obviously lol otherwise he wouldn’t of written a book, im british but yeah I agree , good on em.

andrew karner says:

Not just any Seals, Navy Seal Team Six!

MrTestNTune says:

They better bring Jack Sparrow next time cause they had no idea who they were messing with those seals live to fight & the pirates pay for it with their life.

Bill Stoddart says:

If this had been the UK Royal Navy the pirates would all be living in London now on welfare and suing the UK government for breach of their human rights … Tony Blair’s wife would see to it that she represented them in Strasbourg and got them off scot free … I’m not joking … believe it, buddy. Just glad that the US Navy wasted the maggots … at least somebody still has some balls in the West … 🙂

farside041 says:

maybe its better to make a movie out of this

ixonixas says:

USA is invading Iraq, Afganistan, airstriking Lybia and ect. For what? What we realy need is invade Somalia and stop this piracy shit.

knightsofstjoan2004 says:


MrShawnp26 says:


Roger Barber says:

I don’t doubt what you say, but would you rather have USA troops there or get overthrown by China?

video9009 says:

I believe this was seal team 6 snipers? Very impressive shooting from a boat in rough sea. Greetings from an old Dutch soldier.

Thomas Reimann says:


Definitely not!

iamenjoi says:

My RDC in bootcamp was the guy on the helicopter controlling the gun. He had told us exactly what happened. What a hard ass

zyzor says:

When people get a non-disney look at real pirates they quickly realize its not glamorous and the true heroes ARE the navy sailors and merchant sailors and marines who kill pirates.

zyzor says:

funny how in pirates of the caribbean people cheer for the pirates when they attack east india company ships and fight the royal navy etc… but in real life its the same principle and people almost develop a hatred toward the somali people and start war mongering.

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