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Nest Cam Outdoor Security Camera…

Weatherproof outdoor security camera, detects activity in 1080p full HD and sends notifications to your Nest smartphone app. Extra wide 130-degree viewing angle, capture all the action. Guards your home 24/7 with night vision, recording and streaming live footage up to 30-metres away. Detects motion and suspicious sounds and alerts you straight away using the Nest smartphone and tablet app. Built-in speakers and microphone to communicate with suspicious visitors. Mains powered so dead batteries will never be a problem. Share access to other family members so they can keep an eye on your home as well Simple DIY installation. What features does the Nest Outdoor Cam have? The Nest Outdoor Cam helps protect your home 24 hours a day, by keeping you up to date with live activity notifications on your smartphone or tablet. So you will find out about a break-in before it even happens. Capturing and streaming live footage in 1080p full HD, with an all-glass lens which allows you to get a true 1080p HD image quality compared to other outdoor cameras which have a plastic lens which actually lowers the quality you receive.

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Anonymous says:

Would not buy again

Anonymous says:

Highly recommend Super impressed with the camera. Mounting the camera took 5 mins. 2 screws mount a magnet that the camera then sticks to which makes aiming the thing virtually infinite. There is a converter that converts the USB to 120v power that requires 1 screw to mount. Came with 10 or so plastic clips that makes the install tidy.Usage is equally good. Night vision is clear. Microphone is crisp. Speaker was a little quiet but what do you expect? A bullhorn? Takes a pic when it sees a face and records…

Anonymous says:

This is my 2nd Outdoor Nest Outdoor Nest Cam came VERY well-packaged and offers pretty clear footage. I loved it so much that this is actually my 2nd Outdoor Nest. I purchased this on Amazon both times bc at that time, it cost more on their Nest website. I even contacted Nest for any promotions that might offer existing customers but NOPE (I also own 2 indoor Dropcams and subscribe to their Nest Aware).On a separate note, I contacted their Customer Svc re one of my Dropcams’ issues and they were very helpful;…

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