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Never noticed how many guys were in “The Witches”


sticksandstonesandweedandbones says:

This film fucking terrified me, as did Matilda

robynlovesyou says:

I’ve never seen this…

ThatGuyStaringAtYouFromTheCorner says:

Ah yes. The lesser known warlock. But who gives a fuck about them. BURN THE WITCH!

PeanutBuddha says:

I haven’t seen that many bald heads since Debbie Does Dallas.

ShamrockFury says:

Matilda made me hungry for cake.

chemistrydoc says:

I have never seen “The Witches”…is it about cancer patients?

MistaBlank says:

I tried my best so calm down if I missed one or two.

thatwilldopig says:

Oh god, when they all turned into rats because of that soup. Uuuuuuuuuuugh. Nightmares for a week!

PScott says:

JEEZ, ok calm down, I’ll just go back to the picture of that scottish fold cat to soothe me

LeafBlowerCan says:

you’re a funny person.

thatdamnsasquatch says:

and pancakes

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