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New Axe body wash boasts a new size with 33% more, but it's actually smaller than their older bottle


jrob says:

Sometimes, more is less.

NSAgent says:

The problem is that it will still be filled with horrible smelling axe product.

Cecemi10 says:

Stop kony now. KONY2012!!!!!

Sukato says:

It’s darker.

TheChinamanIsNotTheIssue says:

33% more overpowering man perfume for teenagers confused about how masculinity works.

lesbangle says:

from the looks of it they meant “33% more women”…lol axe.

Sneekybreeki says:

Using axe anything, ISHYDDT.

NotMarkZuckerberg says:

Only kids who haven’t hit puberty yet use axe/lynx

pooptallica says:

Smell like a German! I assume that smells like sausage, kraut, and beer, which I’m totally down with. But maybe it smells like genocide…

theflyingnun says:

The most disturbing part of this post is that you appear to use Axe body wash. Stop that.

BobbumManInHisBobbumVan says:

what are you, a peasant? if you’re not using molton brown i don’t know why you bother being alive! but seriously, this is gay as fuck axe

Agent says:

33% more than zero.

Justmadeyousayundertherewait says:

Looks like you don’t have to pass 6th grade math to work as a graphic designer

thirddegreeBURNS says:

false. 18oz > 16oz

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