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New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie regarding #Sandy: ‘Don’t be stupid’!/Tig3rrLily/status/262631662859452417

As New Jersey and many of its neighboring states prepare for Hurricane Sandy, Chris Christie warns residents of the coming danger in his own unique, yet effective, way.

Lmfaoo “If you decide to be stupid and I turn out to be right and you turn out to be dead thats not a good equation”- Chris Christie

— Michael Salvatore (@MikeySallzz) October 28, 2012

“don’t be stupid.” Chris Christie is the man. #jersey

— Katie Perry (@katieeperry) October 28, 2012

“If something looks like it’s stupid to do, it _is_ stupid.” – Gov. Chris Christie #sandy

— Bernie Mojzes (@brni_x) October 28, 2012

Chris Christie doesn’t mince his words. Telling ppl “don’t be stupid” regarding the storm.

— Sharon Carpenter (@sharoncarpenter) October 28, 2012

Governor Chris Christie said ” that’s a good general New Jersey Rule: if it looks stupid, it is stupid”. New Jersey Pot meet Kettle.

— David Robeano (@DavidRobeano) October 28, 2012

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