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New Orleans High School All-Star Band 2014 FULL GAME


Vspro97 says:

A battle with LLI would be nice

Wayne Christophe says:

This must be the era of the loudest mellophones. Mello are cutting through
sections lol trumpets and Btones better start recuriting. 

John Brooks says:

A little more cleaning up and they can take on Talladega lol

D'orsey Jackson says:

Bear need to come to Su

K.d. Hollis says:

Where is the bell of that tuba?…I just noticed it missing…

tanya satoru says:

i think all the universities need to do something like this once a year a
university all star band that would epic 

Donnyredd says:

They did real good! They should have had two college bands to perform also.
I would have been recruiting my ass off Lmaoo

rickey mcswain says:

This make me feel like my city music programs gone get back to normal bout
3 more years but like one of the comments get these kids off the streets
and put a horn in they had worked fa some of my generation hs yrs 2001-2005
N.O. stand up

Kendall Charles says:

Just two weeks of time together and they sound alright!!!! Give em 6 months
together and they will be ready for LLI.

lankler says:

All the dancers did very well, but Ms. Helen Cox (uni with the c) and Ms.35
(maroon and gold) showed owt LAAAAAWD. They caught my attention. Also the
two that were leading did good too. Just over did it at times

courtney rochelle says:

detroit all star high school band would destroy just saying this is good

cchsTROMBONE says:

All those colors look So wonderful together. #FutureSU 

Franktehtank1 says:

I’d LOVE to see a match up between this band and Talladega College, these
kids are hungry! Keep up the good work N.O!

Tremayne Palmer says:

This was good learning experience for the cities band programs maybe next
year they should go against the alumni of New Orleans! 

Marc Belloso says:

btones and horns were at each other’s throats the whole game haha, great
vid tho

Phyla Morris says:

they should do it in the summer to keep the youth off those streets its
getting worse by the day out there but good job to all who put in work good
look o our city haven’t seen it in a min..

John Deshotel says:

Great job !!!! I agree inspiring Summer Band activity. Keep up the

Jay Tee says:

Great Vid

BlackFlame0325 says:

For two weeks this was very decent. Good job.

Wayne Christophe says:


Travis Jones says:

That nigga from Cox thoe on better believe it

Ventress Johnson says:

what game was this? 

joshua peterson says:

One of them trumpet players up there with Jesus 

Go Fish says:

the band is only open to 10th-12th graders whose section leaders only..
including the color guards, dancers, & drum majors… it have to be only
captains of the section that’s in 10th-12th grade 

tina bangbang says:

They ass

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