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Newest Latest Best Episode 5 – Captain Phillips, Gravity, GTA V


DieEvery24Hrs says:

Yes! You nailed it Jeff! It’s a great improvement over the previous episodes and something I’m proud to have backed. Keep it up!

N7Normandy1 says:

That’s awesome. 

ironclad merc says:

jeff, did they pay you royalties for gta v? because michael looks like an older version of you

Jeff Cannata says:

Next episode of NLB I’ll talk Beyond

Jason Nicoll says:

He’s back

Alejandro Caceres says:

Jeez… It’s 1:11 am in Shanghai and I’m watching this… Wait I should say 😀 YAY!

gordon allan says:

So is this the show that was kick started? Episode 5 already and this is actually the first I have heard about it.

NotKenneth says:

Great episode Jeff!

Did everyone stick around to see their name in the credits?

N7Normandy1 says:

If you love movies you’ll love Beyond Two Souls.

N7Normandy1 says:

Seriously you should play Beyond Two Souls. I love that game, it has Willem Dafoe and Ellen Page in it. And Hans Zimmer composes it.

Stephen Rivers says:

Dear Distributors,




Bassie00001 says:

you should upload the first 4 episodes.

The Adventure Next Door! says:

I think right now they’re only available to those who backed the Newest Latest Best kickstarter.

concord327 says:

I like that she survived because it would have ruined the point of her letting go of her daughter so she can move on


Thank you for releasing this episode on Youtube. Vimeo does not work on my work PC.

concord327 says:

I’m distracted by “Inconceivable” man in the background

Kal El says:

great job Jeffy

Peter Dierauer says:

They are on his Vimeo channel. He’s calling episode 1 the “Unreleased Pilot” and episode 2 is the “PAX Australia special”. Episodes 3 and 4 are his full PAX Australia panel split into two parts, but those two episodes are still password protected so only people who backed the show on Kickstarter can see them. This episode is actually substantially different from those episodes, to the point where I think you could almost call them “beta tests” for what the show has become now.

a0me says:

The first few episodes are backers only I think.

happyfundave says:

I think when talking about movies still in theaters it helps to be able to speak in a language where you don’t have to isolate people who haven’t seen the film yet. I don’t get too wrapped up in the ‘omg spoilers’ but when you throw up the ‘we’re getting into spoilers now’ I assume it’s going to dive into stuff that I really don’t want to know and I just turn the video off.

chron5007 says:

love the new show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

damien jones says:

Great episode jeff keep it up

JD Smith says:

Episode 5? Where can I find 1-4?

driphusx says:


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