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North American Aboriginal Hide Tanning:: The Act of Transformation and Revival (Mercury Series (0316-1854))

North American Aboriginal Hide Tanning: The Act of Transformation and Revival, examines the methodology, tools and spiritual aspects of what was once almost a lost art. Over the course of research which has spanned some 30 years, the author has interviewed more than 40 tanners from the Northwest Territories to Oklahoma. The result, is a volume which includes chapters on 15 different tanners and their recipes, practical information on tools and techniques, as well as helpful tips for those interested in trying this traditional process for themselves. Although not intended as a complete how-to manual, North American Aboriginal Hide-Tanning: The Act of Transformation and Revival is certain to whet the reader? appetite for further investigation.

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R. Ukrainetz says:

Great reference for the hobbyist or professional tanner. As a hobby hide tanner, this book is a great addition to my library. It is written in plain English with historical references and practices directly from elders of many northern tribes. Dr. Baillargeon (a Metis himself and descendant of George Drouillard of the Lewis and Clark expedition) did a very thorough job of researching and presenting the varying techniques. There are also many suggestions for common tools that don’t cost anything, or very little. Many color photos are included, as are…

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