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Noticed apple logo while watching hitchhikers guide to the galaxy


YourAuthorityIsNotRecognizedInFortKickass says:

(Insert Apple lawsuit joke here)

Spongeacat says:

Irrelevant but as farts are always funny…..

aabbccbb says:

Here come the lawsuit comments.

PussyLiquor says:

Lawsuit in 3…2…

sevenshadesofidontgiveafuck says:

Lawsuit in 3… 2…. 1….

dunnright00 says:

“But this sin’t the apple lawsuit form, that one is blue…”

carlosspicyweener says:

Where are you red box????

ikilledthepromqueen says:


KingDingBat says:


JohnnyMnemonic says:

All I see is an inflamed asshole.

Merov says:

I just have to test!

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