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NYFF51: Barkhad Abdi | “Captain Phillips” Red Carpet


Jack Brinkley Cook says:

Easily some of the best acting I have ever seen, ever. This guy is a genius.

cadeey25 says:

Somali way go boys you know great movies and great opportunity thumps up their English much better ppl that lived in America 40yrs can’t speak two sentences. …

ohEnvy says:

This guy seems soo nervous lol

Jangkou Machonyjok says:

You know you know you know to know you know you know you know you know you know you know yo know you know you know you know you know you know you know

Fran Santiago says:

Besides Tom Hanks…the guys playing the pirates ( including Barkhad) were the most chilling and impressive actors I have seen in a long time. The actors have such a humility about them…in an age of over the top train wrecks and super egos amongst entertainers…it is so refreshing

Jrende730 says:

I really hope to see more of him! He did an amazing job! The line where he is telling Tom Hank’s character “Look at me..look at me, I’m the captain now” was all ad libbed by Barkhad!

SerWizzy says:

do you know?

Hafsah Abdi says:

he has beautiful cheekbones.

Kl Malcom says:

dudes mad cool

Hassan Dalmar says:

you are the one bro

Cinderskull27 says:

This is a good interview you know

Richy Porter says:

good interview, more movie roles for my brothers hopefully!!

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