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Obama brags about making 26-year-olds children; Citizens give a time-out

Progress? Not so much. Citizens let President Obama know that “progress” doesn’t entail punitively taxing others, nor does it entail turning adults into dependent children.

3.1 mil dodging pers responsibility and refusing to grow up RT @BarackObama:under law,3.1 mill more under age 26 have health covg. #progress

— T Funk (@tfunk10) July 2, 2012

@BarackObama FACT: all those insured americans under 26 will have to fix an economy you couldn't a pay back a debt you more than doubled.

— Elisabeth McKnight (@bellatheblog) July 2, 2012

Most of them don't need it! RT @BarackObama: FACT: 3.1 million more young Americans under age 26 have health coverage. #lunacy #lies #tcot

— Scott Robinson (@SAR1776) July 2, 2012

@BarackObama: FACT: Thanks to my new blueberry blunts 3.1 million young Americans under age 26 can smoke like me " Barry u stay trippin

— Daddy Cool (@ScrapLotto) July 2, 2012

83% are unemployed “@BarackObama: Thanks to the President’s health care law, 3.1 million more young Americans under age 26 have coverage”

— Jason K (@JasonKilled) July 2, 2012

Most didn't need or want it #newtax@BarackObama: Thnks to the President’s hc law, 3.1 M more young Americans under 26 have hlth coverage"

— Michael Mayer (@MichaelMayerVA) July 2, 2012

@BarackObama what about those like me who just turned 26? i'm paying taxes from my paycheck so others can have the healthcare i can't afford

— Zach Patten (@zpatten) July 2, 2012

@BarackObama: FACT: … more young Americans under age 26 have health coverage. #progress” And have to pay Whether they want it or not!

— David (@DEH722) July 2, 2012

@BarackObama how many more people are are on food stamps and entitlements?

— Tyler Bryant (@TylerRisk) July 2, 2012

The DNC also had no luck when they retweeted the President’s tweet.

@TheDemocrats @BarackObama I thought #Obamatax meant the debate was over and we need to move forward, like the graphic.

— JD York (@TripleDotter) July 2, 2012

@TheDemocrats and the middle class, who don't have insurance, because they can't afford it, now have to pay a yearly penalty & no insurance.

— Resist-Unlearn-Defy (@AlwaysResist) July 2, 2012

But, hey, the children are only 26 years old! Here’s a little tip for you, President Obama: Most people believe that if their children expect them to pay for their health insurance when they are 26 years old, then they have, you know, failed as parents.

Also, by insanely claiming that 26-year-old adults are still children, President Obama is punishing all working parents. But, then, he does think that parents are “punished” by children.

Why do you hate parents, President Obama?

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