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Olympic luger crashes, somehow recovers


Kissmyshinydafodilass says:


SirAwesomeTheThird says:

Now I want to go down a water slide… I want it to be hot and summer… FUCK YOU SWEDISH WEATHER!

TKLA67 says:

“Meant to do that. All part of my plan”

UsernameForwardSlashAccountURL says:

+1 because he didn’t die horribly.

afistfulofchickens says:

He was really skating on thin ice there. …nope. No. No, he wasn’t. Not at all. Stop that.

ReptarRawr says:

Luger uses Physics! It’s super effective

Icanhaskarmanow says:

Oh shit oh shit oh shit….. Whooooooo….. Meant to do that

Gonzo55 says:

Auto-recover: success!

ifyoucanreadthismakemeasandwich says:

Or maybe he was going uphill and this gif is reversed…

thebaconmustache says:

Was he from Jamaica

increaseblue says:


ThePyeman says:

Did he get extra points for style?

pdp1 says:

Naw, it’s just a gif in reverse of a new uphill luge event

SquirrellyWhirly says:

I guess sometimes luck beats talent.

puhpuhputtingalong says:

That must rank among the luckiest luge runs ever.

edsbarandswill says:

Jamaica did it first.

bca360 says:


MandrewJackson says:

Amen to that.

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