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One Of These Things Is Not Like The Others

“Nothing says ‘Bollywood’ more than a scarf and an ANCIENT EGYPTIAN EYE OF HORUS on your forehead now, does it?”

“Oh snap. This dude actually dressed up as a genuine Raghead.”

“Dear White Ladies,
Wearing a sari takes a little more skill than just wrapping a piece of material around yourself over the top of a t-shirt or a boob tube. Also, wearing random beads and dots on your head will not give you magic powers that help you dance ‘Bollywood style’ when you are drunk.”

“I had to literally pull this guy off his flying carpet as he swooshed past me. In case you can’t tell, his turban is actually a coiled up snake. Genius.”

“Look out, this bartender’s serving up a lethal new cocktail called ‘Racism’! Get it, he’s dressed as a different type of ‘Indian’! So subversive.”

“Well my brown skin is no match for this man’s turban, multiple dots and layered t-shirt combo.”

“Wow. Just wow.”

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