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OurPets Play-n-Squeak Real Birds Knock Knock Interactive Cat Toy

RealBirds toys from Pet Zone, like the woodpecker, allow your cat the opportunity to naturally prey on birds in a safe, indoor environment. The life-like bird paired with the RealMouse sound means double the fun.

Product Features

  • Mental and physical stimulation
  • Electronic module with RealMouse sound
  • Catnip filled toy
  • Long lasting battery
  • Contains feathers

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Anonymous says:

Yeah, I know this is a lot of words about a cat, lol I’ve purchased a number of these toys and I’m not sure whether that was the right move or a horrible mistake. Basically, these birds make your cat go completely mentally unhinged. My cat really isn’t into toys in general, other than those feather sticks. He just plays with… whatever… not particularly toys. You know, because he’s a cat, not an elementary school kid with rich friends. But these things?? I think he thinks its really alive. He carries it all over the place in his mouth…

Anonymous says:

Just buy this already. All birds make the same RealMouse chirping sound, and, yes, mice sound the same. My friend had the black and white bird and gave it to me. My cat went absolutely bonkers over the thing. He finally lost it, so I decided to try and see if I could buy one online. As luck would have it, I found one for about $~5 here on Amazon. I bought the red bird. It makes the exact same noise as the black and white bird, and my cat still loves it. Cats go crazy over this thing. Seriously. The RealMouse sound makes all the difference.AND LET ME TELL YOU THAT THE REALMOUSE SOUND…

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