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OXO Good Grips Expandable Utensil Organizer, White

Keep your utensils neatly stacked with the OXO Good Grips Expandable Utensil Organizer. The Adjustable Dividers organize more utensils in less space by allowing them to fit in opposite directions in one compartment. Your utensils stay neatly stacked, even when the drawer is opening or closing. Adjust the location of the Dividers to accommodate utensils of different shapes and sizes, or remove the Dividers completely for open compartments. The expanded space holds longer tools and gadgets for added storage. To adjust Dividers, simply pinch the side walls and slide in or out. The Organizer expands from 9.75-inch to 16.25-inch to fit inside kitchen drawers, and non-slip feet keep the Organizer in place.

Product Features

  • Dividers adjust to accommodate all utensil shapes and sizes
  • Organize more utensils in one compartment
  • Multiple utensils stay neatly stacked even when drawers are opening and closing
  • Expands from 9 ¾” to 16 ¼” to fit kitchen drawers

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Anonymous says:

Works for small drawers I live in a small Seattle apartment that was built in 1946. The kitchen was remodeled but has super narrow drawers. I am writing this review for the people like me who are questioning if this will actually fit in their narrow drawers. I looked at a lot of dividers and I’m really happy with this one. You can see from my pictures that the width of the interior of my drawer is just over 9 1/2 inches. When I bought this I was assuming that I would have to take out the piece that extends. As you can…

Anonymous says:

It (basically) fit our extremely narrow drawers. Woo!

Anonymous says:

Saves space by organizing unruly flatware in even the smallest of kitchen drawers! My flatware has never looked better! I have a tiny apartment kitchen with very shallow, short drawers – in matter of fact, these are the only drawers I have in the entire kitchen! Even though the utensil holder I was using before is actually larger, this OXO holds way more and it keeps things in place; even varying sizes/styles of flatware since I have a few pieces from other sets that I like to use frequently due to sentimental value. Thick knife handles? No problem! Four different types of…

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