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Aly Michalka At The AIDS Foundation’s 24th Annual “A Time For Heroes”

Atlas of Clinical Ophthalmology

“A definite visual feast, this book is a prize for any bookshelf.” (American Journal of Ophthalmology, review of the last edition) The 3rd Edition of this critically acclaimed source offers unparalleled visual guidance on state-of-the-art ocular diagnostic imaging, pathology, and surgery. More than 3,400 outstanding photographs and line drawings (over 1,800 in full color) richly capture a full range of common and uncommon eye disorders and the methods used to treat them.Features contributions from 20 world-renowned authorities.
Discusses examination, investigation, and diagnosis for each ophthalmic syndrome, as well as relevant embryology, histology, pathology, and ocular manifestations of systemic disease.
Offers an organization both by chapter and by ophthalmic subspecialty, making information easy to find.Depicts the very newest imaging and pathology studies and their findings.
Covers the latest refractive surgery and LASIK techniques.
Delivers over 1,000 completely new illustrations-3,400 in all-over 1,800 in full color.

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Rap Sessions: America’s Most Wanted

Lehigh University’s MLK Committee hosted a panel discussion on Tuesday evening at Zoellner Arts Center. Panelists Carlito Rodriguez, Michael Skolnik, Niaz Kr…

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NY mom warned police of abuse before death

A mother’s plea for help in her native Spanish went untranslated by police and three lives were lost.

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357 Nine Chamber Name Magic – AA Rashid – Pt 1 Of 3

357 Nine Chamber Name Magic – AA Rashid – Pt 1 Of 3.

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Ben Horowitz: Peacetime vs. Wartime CEO

Andreessen Horowitz Co-Founder Ben Horowitz, author of “The Hard Thing About Hard Things,” describes what CEOs focus on in “peacetime” conditions, when a bus…

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State Farm

LoL six caller ahead of us Jimmie.

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College life

What Could Have Been [GLIDE speech by Felicia Horowitz]

This is a speech given by Felicia Horowitz, wife of famed technology venture capitalist Ben Horowitz, at the event A GLIDE Talk with Van Jones and Jim Gillia…

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English 12 – Tanning Documentary

This is a “documentary” I did for my grade 12 English project. Don’t take this seriously.

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