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Treat Your Tech To Rich Italian Leather

Constructed in a mix of smooth & textured Italian leathers, Native Union’s Heritage Collection pays homage to the brands’ Parisian roots. With cases for all the new iPhone12 models as well as an AirPods Pro case, card wallet, and wireless charging dock, the collection keeps your essentials protected and properly dressed. Available in a range of muted tones.

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Spring Ahead: Adidas Introduces UltraBoost21

The UltraBoost—Adidas’ most popular runner—has once again been updated & upgraded. The UltraBoost 21 retains a full-length Boost midsole but now has 6% more cushy foam than its predecessor. The shoe’s torsion system has also been juiced: it features LEP technology—Linear Energy Push—a 15% increase in forefoot rigidity for a more responsive stride. The upper is constructed with at least 50% Parley fabrics, comprised of upcycled ocean plastics.

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VH1 – Rock Docs – The Story Of YO! MTV Raps – 2012

WESN releases the perfect accessory for your pocket knife

If your pocket knife is an essential to your EDC kit, you’ll want to invest in WESN’s new Pocket Sharpener to keep your edges in tip-top shape. The slim and compact sharpener is a combination of electroplated diamond 400 grit plate and a ceramic plate that are merged together for a dual sided tool …

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Jaeger-LeCoultre and Assouline cover 90 years of the Reverso in a new book

It’s a watch that needs no introduction but it’s also one that definitely deserves an in-depth documentation of its history that now spans a little over 90 years. The Reverso is getting the Assouline treatment with a large format coffee table book that details the history of the iconic watch, which …

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Shinola's latest Runwell takes inspiration from the station agents of the American railways

Shinola’s latest timepiece honors the station agents of the American railway system, who were tasked with keeping travelers on time, all the time. The new Station Agent Runwell Automatic has a look that evokes the style of classic watches from another era with its off-white luminescent coatings …

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ColdSnap Soft-Serve Ice Cream Maker

If the last business options were all “Uber for XXX”, the latest iteration of that is the “Keurig for XXX”, as in pod-based everything. It’s obviously prevalent for coffee, espresso and juice drinks, but there…

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Fender’s Pocket-Size Mustang Micro Gets You Amped Up

Fender’s Mustang Micro is a compact, portable headphone amp that plugs directly into an electric guitar, giving players a wide range of 12 different amp emulators and 13 pedal-like effects, making it a versatile practice and recording gadget. Powered by a USB-C rechargeable battery.

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Tech Talk with Jivox: Personalization and ecommerce marketing

30-second summary:

  • Between multiple devices, fast-paced lifestyles, ever-changing minds, and the pandemic getting the brand message across is usually a shot in the dark.
  • So many disparate marketing tools only make the task tougher. As confusion ensues, costs go up and productivity is impacted.
  • Brands have to, at all costs, find the best way to predict customers’ path-to-purchase that works in the new normal.
  • The winners of this new economy are going to be brands that can deliver their products directly to consumers digitally and achieve excellence in personalized ecommerce marketing.
  • With a cloud-based, data-driven, and AI-powered platform, Jivox delivers personalized digital advertising and marketing experiences at scale; engaging consumers with the right message in real-time and across all channels.

A modern brand is faced with many disruptions. And embracing the evolving needs of the modern brand is no longer optional, rather a compulsion. One of the most dominant needs of a brand is to deliver personalized digital advertising and marketing experiences at scale. Jivox, a cloud-based, data-driven platform powered by AI, allows brands to achieve this at scale and across all channels.

In our latest Tech Talk, Jivox’s CEO, Diaz Nesamoney talks through the data-driven personalized advertising and marketing platform. Before founding Jivox, Nesamoney founded Celequest, the market’s first business intelligence and analytics appliance, and served as its CEO until early 2007, when the company was acquired by Cognos/IBM. Nesamoney was also Co-founder, President, and Chief Operating Officer at Informatica (NASDAQ:INFA), a pioneer of data integration software (now the market leader with more than $1 billion in revenue) which he took from a startup to a publicly-traded company.  

About Jivox

Jivox is transforming the way the world experiences digital marketing by connecting brands with their audiences in the most personalized way. Jivox’s Dynamic Creative technology drives engagement and digital commerce across paid and owned media, delivering ROI by reducing production costs and increasing media performance using big data, AI/machine learning, Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO), and identity technologies. Jivox Kairos Purchase Prediction Engine drives sales by matching the right products with consumers that have the highest purchase intent. Jivox is trusted by hundreds of leading companies including Electronic Arts, Marriott International, Mazda, Nestle, T-Mobile, Unilever, and more. Jivox has been recognized by Forrester as a leader in creative advertising technologies.

To quickly discover Jivox’s offerings, you can also view their Tech Talk below:

Tech Talk with Jivox Personalization and ecommerce marketing

Working with data, personalization, and cost savings

There’s an almost immediate cost reduction whenever Jivox technology is deployed as it essentially automates the production of various personalized messages, content, and ads. Jivox allows brands to automate this process and at scale. Brands that have worked with Jivox have saved approximately $642 million from automating this process, with more than $1billion overall return on Investment. Jivox recently published a study looking across Fortune 1000 in their customer base with a detailed return-on-investment model illustrating how these companies used personalized digital marketing to achieve ROI.

ROI model

Jivox’s impact on ecommerce marketing

In the rapid shift to remote work and the acceleration of a digital-first era, the ecommerce market has been placed front and center as consumer demands increase and they’re forced to stay at home rather than shopping in-stores. Research from eMarketer predicts consumers will spend $709 billion on ecommerce sales in 2020 for a total increase of 19%, the highest spike since 2008.

As a result, more brands are shifting to a direct to consumer (DTC) strategy and selling products from their own domain rather than through a third-party, like Amazon. 

This is where Jivox comes into play. Using Jivox’s personalized DCO platform, brands can hone in on their ecommerce marketing strategy to deliver a relevant message tailored to the individual they’re targeting. With Jivox, marketers are no longer fighting for consumer’s attention through a generic, one-size-fits-all message. Instead, marketers can deliver a relevant message consistently across all channels to a consumer based on their interests, preferences, shopping habits, in the right context, such as location, weather, and time of day. 

Purchase prediction engine: The secret sauce

Jivox’s patented purchase prediction engine captures a consumer’s buying behavior, employs AI and Machine Learning to develop a prediction model informing what the consumer is likely to purchase, which product, or sets of products. Jivox uses in-memory clustered Personalization Hub technology and first-party identity solution IQiD to identify, store and process consented consumer data used to generate predictions of the likelihood of a consumer to purchase along with predictions of the products they are likely to purchase. Personalization hub processes trillions of data signals to make data available for real-time decisions in less than seven milliseconds, allowing for real-time decisions on products, pricing, and offers. Jivox allows brands to engage with consumers using consented data that consumers provide to brands in a privacy-compliant manner. This, coupled with real-time contextual data to signal the right place and moment, generates engagement and purchase.

Jivox DCO: Scaling personalization

Some of Jivox’s largest customers have time and again utilized the prowess of Dynamic Creative Optimization (DCO) technology to deliver increased engagement and sales without increasing the production cost. Using Jivox’s Dynamic Canvas, a modular creative approach, brands are able to personalize thousands of ad variations using only one creative master, and data–enabling brands to achieve a 1:1 experience with individual consumers.

Omnichannel personalization

According to Jivox’s omnichannel personalization benchmark report, personalized ads boost engagement 3x the industry benchmark. To create relevant experiences, marketers need to serve consumers personalized messages that recommend the right product in the right context through the right channel. 

Jivox’s personalization platform for digital commerce marketing uses data automation and AI-based recommendations to scale one-to-one marketing content, to the right people, at the right moment. 

Customer journey optimization

Business leaders believe real-time customer analytics across multiple touchpoints is very important for customer experience. With Jivox, brands can effectively achieve precision marketing and increase engagement through Customer Journey Optimization. This AI-powered 360-degree customer journey analytics and optimization platform help identify and visualize which customer paths—starting from website, e-mail, or exposure to the advertisement—are driving engagement, and optimize the best performing paths in real-time.

In summary

Serving relevant messages in consumers’ purchase-intent micro-moments across all channels is the necessity of time. However, when brands have the added ability to track, measure, and optimize customer paths–starting from a brand website, email, or exposure to an advertisement, they can successfully drive engagement and conversions. And with Jivox, brands can seamlessly accelerate engagement, conversions, and ROI through personalized digital marketing.

Check out Jivox’s Tech Talk here for a more in-depth look at their offering.

Catherrine Garcia is an experienced Web Developer at WPCodingDev and a passionate blogger.

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Best practices for influencer marketing to Gen Z post COVID-19

30-second summary:

  • Gen Z is leaning on social media and digital worlds to interact with their friends during COVID-19.
  • It’s important to choose influencers that match your audience as well as be a good fit for the brand to succeed within that community.
  • TikTok has become extremely popular among Gen Z and a key social media outlet for brands to reach them.
  • Beyond TikTok, you should also consider the old reliable influencer hubs like Facebook/Instagram, Snapchat, and Google.
  • Leveraging a growth mindset with a data driven approach is the best way to optimize any successful influencer campaign.

With little connection to the real world during COVID-19 – Gen Z is leaning on social media and digital worlds to interact with their friends. With the increase in mobile usage – Influencer marketing and social media has become one of the forefronts of marketing to them [Gen Z].

The world is shifting to mobile for streaming, shopping, business, and education; it’s no surprise that the gaming industry is taking a turn as well.

Influencer campaigns

Gen Z is known for what’s hot and what’s not. They keep up with these trends that are set by celebrities and social media influencers. They’ll listen to what their favorite influencers have to say about social issues, fashion, and product.

Influencers spend time cultivating this virtual relationship with their audience, gaining their trust, and making them feel like they could be friends in real life. This is why utilizing influencers in campaigns targeting Gen Z is so important.

When setting up influencer campaigns it’s important to remember that the influencer should match the audience as well as be a good fit for the brand to succeed within that community. You have influencers for different niche genres such as indie games, korean beauty, and online metaverses.

The influencer should have enough creativity to give their own spin on the campaign, but be sure to include a basic guideline like personal links and brand guidelines.

The keys to a successful campaign are: Believability, Authenticity, and Storytelling! You want the influencer to embody your brand and message – you [the marketer]  know there is a problem and they [the influencer] is the person to show Gen Z the solution!

Like IMVU, many companies are utilizing the growth mindset when running their campaigns. The process of testing and iterating the results with influencers, using scalable strategies, and data driven decisions can help build campaigns up to their fullest potential.

With all the data surrounding a campaign, it’s important to encompass a methodology to measure organic uplift as well.  The use of tracking URLs and comparing cohorted user segments pre and post campaign are strategies you can ultimately use to help measure success.

Here are the top social media influencer channels to leverage for your campaigns:


Everyone, even those outside Gen Z, know about the viral app “TikTok”. It has become extremely popular among Gen Z and a key social media outlet for brands to reach them. The key to TikTok is simple entertainment presented in a well formatted manner. A video is able to be used over and over again without the audience getting tired of it.

For example, trends on TikTok incorporating a funny audio sound or a #challenge can gain momentum with the Gen Z audience because they can take a trend and make their own video matching it. This is why you can see thousands of videos under one sound or under one hashtag. It’s simple, repetitive, and Gen Z loves it.

IMVU uses TikTok as the forefront of accessing Gen Z – a key learning point for us was just having content up before we started to run ads. Having a landing page of sorts for people to access when they see your ads is important to not only show them your brand’s creativity but how the brand is relevant to them.

Tiktok is the place to show Gen Z your understanding of trends and relativity. A great example of this is working with influencers who flow well with your brand. Having them creative authentic user generated content around using your product and service.

Then increase the potential reach of that content by leveraging paid user acquisition to amplify that content across all the different social networks to maximize the success so more people can see the content beyond the fans who follow the influencers.

Old reliable

Beyond TikTok, you should also consider the old reliable influencer hubs like Facebook/Instagram, Snapchat, and Google.

Key findings with using these other influencer platforms are that pictures are worth a thousand words; cliche but true. Using images rather than words to entice users into your app is a better strategy for reaching Gen Z.

Something important to note is that all these platforms have different image specs with different “live areas” or typically areas people’s eyes are drawn to.  Another key to success is doing creative refreshers AND using a data driven approach to do so- nobody likes to see ad/creative repeats.

It is a best practice to have an ad refresh every 5-6 weeks, but to also take advantage of the data that comes with the completion of a round of ads! Utilize the info provided for what kind of ads do well: what themes are winners and what themes didn’t perform well, what imagery is working well, etc.

Utilizing a data driven approach is important to find your best performing ads so that your campaigns can continue to improve.


Reaching Gen Z has become simultaneously easier and harder with the rise of COVID and Mobile. Influencers carry a hefty amount of impact and are the trendsetters of Gen Z. Utilizing them strategically can help with user acquisition, but there are still important factors like overall fit that can impact your campaign. Tiktok is a good place to start working with influencers for Gen Z.

The other old reliable platforms are still great to use but the key is finding the right influencers to represent your brand. Leveraging a growth mindset with a data driven approach is the best way to optimize any successful influencer campaign.

Lomit Patel is the Vice President of Growth at IMVU. Prior to IMVU, Lomit managed growth at early-stage startups including Roku (IPO), TrustedID (acquired by Equifax), Texture (acquired. by Apple) and EarthLink. Lomit is a public speaker, author, advisor, and recognized as a Mobile Hero by Liftoff. Lomit’s new book Lean AI, which is part of Eric Ries’ best-selling “The Lean Startup” series, is now available at Amazon.

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