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Paris Hilton’s New Tiny Pomeranian Cost Her A Whopping $13,000 (Photos)

paris hilton-elite dailyparis hilton-elite daily

Here’s a story that will somehow make you say both “awww” and “f*ck that.”

Paris Hilton seems to have spent some of her Ibiza DJing money on a new puppy. The dog is adorable and it’s supposedly the world’s smallest Pomeranian.

It also cost her $13,000. $13,000 for a dog! Jesus Christ.

In all fairness, the dog is super cute. And Paris has, fittingly, named him Mr. Amazing. But, come on. You could legitimately feed a family of four for a whole year with that money. Get your priorities in order, woman.

Anyway, here are some photos of Mr. Amazing, because that’s really what you’re here to see. You’re welcome.

H/T: Page Six, Photos Courtesy: Instagram 

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