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Patrick the Pitbull won against all odds – just incredible..


ScottishSteve says:


AnAngryTRex says:

That looks just like my dog, amazing

Lumpy1Space2Princess3 says:

im friends with him on facebook =]

shanabanana says:

Been following his story since the beginning, love you baby boy!

kevlarburrito says:

As a fellow ‘Patrick’; you’re doin us proud kid!

guanerick says:

Man…the suffering that dog has gone through. Just wow.

Mercurypelt says:

@xwings All animals are welcome on Imgur, but you shouldn’t be welcome here.

RussiaSucks97 says:

that feels bro

volto says:

Is that dried jizz in her hair? :S

BunburyBunburist says:

Anorexia is a terrible disease !

NoseyLittleBastardAintYa says:

i thought it was a crisp dog =( GO PATRICK GO!

shoeboxwarrior says:

Awwww! Yay!! I thought it was dead in the first picture O_O

Happy says:

That’s a sharp way of thikinng about it.

JustsomeguyinSC says:

If you look at these pics in reverse order it becomes a really sad story. 🙁

wehrfuchs says:

Folks I live in a very African-American neighborhood. Apparently, vocally objecting to tethering and starving pitt-bulls is “racist.”

KiltedCowboy says:

Oh wow. : ]

Medford says:

I had one nutty girlfriend who, I really think, considered stabbing me. Then again, I think she knew what would happen next and chose the wiser solution. And, I have had two girlfriends hit me. I spanked both of them, not at the same time mind you. It worked. Risky, even then, but that's the way it works. One of the girlfriends thanked me, later. The other one just stopped hitting meolars.nePly, I think the government should butt out, in almost every instance. And men really need to get a grip.

trollprozac says:

Which is his current occupation?

Jodie says:

This potnisg knocked my socks off

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