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Paul Greengrass and Barkhad Abdi Chat CAPTAIN PHILLIPS with AMC


Fitnurd says:

Do you think Barkhad will get an Oscar nod? I really like his performance.

TrueDivas1234 says:

Great film!!!

BA NE says:


belebailey says:

You know I’m the captain of Somalia

oferman99 says:

how many times did that guy say “you know” ??? who can count?

MrBlackrook7 says:

You’re always beautiful, Amirose!

millvico1 says:

holy crap nugget i thought he was a real Somali pirate

stormking989 says:

“Look into my eyes, I’m the Captain now.”

Amirose Eisenbach says:

They’re pretty much unedited. Typically it’s only 4 mins with each actor. Goes by so fast

SRodriguez28 says:

Are these interviews dramatically edited down? Or do you really spend only a few minutes with them?

Amirose Eisenbach says:

Unfortunately I had the same feeling. Still haven’t had the honor of interviewing him, definitely on my bucket list

Amirose Eisenbach says:

Completely agree, I thought it was very powerful

Amirose Eisenbach says:

Thanks love!

WebMoviesinc says:

I knew tom hanks wasn’t going to do a junket for this film I had a feeling

Shawn Ryan says:

Looking beautiful as always my Amirose!!! Great questions and wonderful interview <3

NeedaBettrName says:

Saw this movie in early release. Amazing movie, very intense

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