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Peabody’s Leather Industry (Images of America: Massachusetts)

Since the beginning of the leather industry in America, Peabody and leather have always been considered synonymous. The Civil War and Reconstruction Era brought great prosperity to the industry, and by the late 19th century, the leather industry’s success was firmly established in Peabody. After the great Boston fire of 1872, many leather shops in Boston were completely destroyed, leaving Peabody’s tanneries unrivaled. In 1894, Arthur C. Lawrence and his A. C. Lawrence Leather Company arrived in Peabody, employed thousands of workers, and secured the city’s place in history as the largest manufacturer of calf and sheep skins in the world, earning Peabody the title of Leather Capital of the World.

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Stephen T. Buckley III says:

excellant book As a Peabody resident and a participant in the Tanning Industryin this city. I am grateful that Mr Quinn captured so eloquently,the feeling and spirit, of Peabody during the Tannery Era.We are all products of our environment and as such I am and willbe a tanner till the day I die.Mr Quinn did an excellant job with his collection of prints andphotographs and I was delighted to actually see a few prints of myfamilies business. While the Tanning industry…

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