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People Were Shocked When They Saw A Wrecked Semi, But When They Saw The Driver…

Pet owners know that when it comes to car rides, our furry friends have some seriously mixed feelings. There’s the dog that’s terrified, the one who wants to ride literally in your lap, and the other who’s so excited the whole time you’re on the road.

In Minnesota, though, it appears there’s a whole new category — dogs who dream of driving themselves!

In the small city of Mankato, police were alerted to a rather unusual automobile accident. A semitruck had crashed into a parked car in a parking lot…but when they saw who was driving, they couldn’t believe their eyes.

(via NY Post)

I guess no one will be asking this pooch for his insurance information. Hopefully the dog learned his lesson and won’t be getting behind the wheel of a car ever again. You need to practice before you can drive!

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