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Leo SlimTV says:

Damn Tasha Mac young!!!!!

1234567890qw1000 says:

Ohh shit at the end when they was showing those clips he was right around
the corner of my crib he was at the save-alot

JunieDaMfAnimal says:

I really thought it was the last episode 

BeatDownz911 says:

“shanks an adult”
“I aint got time for dis shit!!!…….I got school tomorrow!!” LMAO

Marlo Davis says:

look at the TV at 1:21 lol

Shawn Twitty says:

The sound when Kp caught the back hand was funny as shyt…Lmao!!

MyckyGambino says:

Tasha Mac look like a panda bear

1234567890qw1000 says:

Lil will going to do 3yrs in timeout #Freelilwill

Marlo Davis says:

Tasha we got the same birthday FWM! lol

1234567890qw1000 says:

Tasha funny asf she said ” Kd idk why you don’t eat pork i mean i will eat
a pigs pussy” CTFUUU nd KP stay bitching nigga on the floor trying to sound
like KH nd shit “oh my god” lmao nd finally god damn been waiting for a
video to drop since forever.

Iliyas Mobley says:

kp stay bitchin ctfu! “friends till thee end”

Alchemist says:

#RIPTasha #FreeLiLWiLL 

Abdus-Salaam Abdullah says:

I don’t got time for this shit I got skool tomorrow 

Adrian Hopkins says:

Y’all nutty as the fuck!!! But mad talented and ambitious! It ain’t all
about the personals. Whatever y’all minds collectively create I’m gonna
support and share. 

TheoHill95 says:


biltbyrobots says:

LMFAO, this shit got me weak

Charles Smith says:

Y yll do dat yll had me scared and tasha 2 cute to die……. I really
thought dat was da end bt good sht cant wait for another personal vid

MotownsOwnTv says:


Mikal Jones says:

yo kp be killing me with the whispering shit lol …..

Eric McEnnis says:

Yo That’s The Save-Alot Near My Crib Ctfupp

Khalif Marshall says:

Peanut and Personals has been struggling since they part ways they need
each others

Bobby Smith says:

they watchin porn ? they really aint got no chill button


Ctfu gud one yall killing it

Shawna Bugg says:

lmfaoooo La’Thot-sha. 

Glorious The Lord's says:

I fuck with the personal episodes but i wish these nigas would go back to

JSpekGooseKrew says:

I blamed everythang on Lil Will…clip of lil Will cryin…Too funny plus
this the second one I heard one of them say Fuck Will…..LMAO the lil
homie do his thang wit them

khair wallace says:

U had me there for a sec Ryan 

shelonda dargan says:

About time niggas 

sweetzdachick1 says:

Ain’t no way Tasha was born in 95 . That was strictly for the laughs

Anthony Mozee says:


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