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Phil Valentine- Hidden History of Christianity


cobramcjingleballs says:

stopped watching at 5 min….proves that a lil knowledge is a dangerous
thing. Guoting Gibbon to criticize Christianity, who whose work was
dedicated toward doing that? The primary thesis he is known for is that
the wrong idea that Christianity brought down the Roman Empire (which again
is part of Franco-catholic propaganda that Rome fell in the 500’s (ignore
that Roman empire with a continual line of succession that was around till
1400’s and rightfully called THEMSELVES roman….that’s not the REAL roman
empire, we’ll rebrand it as the Byzantine empire (300 yrs after it
fell)….but the idea that one man formed christianity who isnt even
known? There is no suppression of truth, the things discarded were greek
philosophies such as gnosticism.

And lemuria was a hypothetical continent to explain the same species of
animals in india and Madagascar (continental drift know has them connected
at some point, so no need for a sunken continent to connect them) Atlantis
was clearly a reference by Plato to the Santorini supervolcano, which also
had a circular harbor, that was destroyed by its eruption around 1600 BC.
One is a myth, one was just a Minoan colony, no secrets existed.

And only Lutherans and catholics believe the communion is the actual blood
and body. No other christians. Moreover, catholics are only one of the
original 5 co equal patriarchs set up by Constantine. So they have all the
secrets when they didnt only had “reign” over the declining part of the
empire and the most backwards for the next 800 years after?

so yeah…not listening anymore, this guy is an idiot. And they claim to
be the true christians? then they must say christ is god. not listening
to see if they do…but if they do not, then they are not followers of

Tarif Ali says:

All I can say, If he’s wrong, He’s done (Hell Fire or another term for it,
is just Hell!) If he’s right, where do we go from here? Whats the solution
for our futures, Since you say there’s no God! Should we follow man, the
same men like those of old! Should we follow him? Whats next if theres no
God? What changes, will wars stop, would gullutting, we’ll homosexualiy
cease to exist , more drugs, child molustation or just think possitively
enought and will become Kombiyah, in know time!

Ether says:

You wanna know why jesus wept??

Hes probably weeping for you dumbasses who will live for 65+ years
believing in his bullshit. Damn “Life in prision” has more than a legal

Doc smith says:

Whoo! Thank you Bro.Valentine you are defently one of the chosen one may
mercy and goodness follow thee all the days of your life.

Mark Jones says:

Vampires of Consciousness!!

blackmagik363 says:
Mark Jones says:

This is just an excerpt from a longer lecture right? The Bro Gets Down!!

jedi14952 says:

I am not a Christian and i agree that christianity has a lot of issues,
but when you start saying that Jesus did not exist and that there is no
God, you have gone to fucking far dude. Its a rap. Yes the bible is not
the word of God, yes the white man has changed the bible and used it for
evil down through the centuries, and yes black people should reject
christianity as their religion. and no Jesus was not God nor was he the son
of God. But God does exist and you only need to look at the heart that
beats on its own in your chest to know that that is true. This dude is way
off the mark and will probably burn in hell. 

Geecheeman says:

Is this the truth?

Robert Holmes says:

This is pure ignorance

Victoria Frank says:

The man is telling the truth. Christianity was and still is a man made
business. A mind controlling business. The guy called Jesus was fabricated.
A holy ghost messing with a Jewish woman is not holy any more. Ghost do not
have babies with human. Belief is lack of wisdom. You believe what you can
not prove. People that use their reasoning faculty do not fall into belief
system. Christianity is based on lies

Tx Man says:

Wow,…Dr. Valentine is rocking the modern world by the truth! 

ancestral child says:

Phil has requested that if you are going to post his videos, PLEASE use the
correct title, OR if only a part, then please give the NAME of the ORIGINAL
lecture. Thanks.


Good stuff

mcvelli40 says:

thanks so much for sharing!

Shawnee Bey says:

Once u start learning astrology you will then only see religion for what it
is. And why in the church they preach against astrology n voodoo in the
church and call it Black magic. We are waking up out of that coma and gotta
say they pulled the best coon on us as a people 

Richard B says:

All right…

Sunny Cosign says:

I hope this guys isn’t preaching his anti-Christ rhetoric in hidden colors

garyleothelion7 says:

History at its best guy” So give it a try and watch this video..
We must wake up to the real truth about Religion my people’s Black / White
/ Yellow or Brown or Pink peoples alike” please read your true history”
you Guys will need to read a hell of a lot of True History Books to see
the truth….
Peace / Love / Respect All Life On Our Planet Earth.
Universal GOD. Loves Us All and there should not be any man or woman who
should be richer or have more lands and food / Cattle and so on and there
for we all should be equal in our life on earth.
Peace Not Bloody War’s.

Honestabe86 says:

What was that thing he was messing with around 30 sec

Sunny Cosign says:

Every time I hear someone try to disprove Christ. I lose absolute respect
for em and take whatever the say henceforth with a grain of salt. Of course
Jesus wasn’t white nor Caucasian. Of course not all supposedly Christians
live God’s example! However, all the bad apples don’t invalidate God’s

These guys like Phil Valentine pick and choose what they like about men’s
written history. Everything we learn in life stems from books written by
men. So, the argument that “the bible was written by men, and because of
that makes it flawed.” Is a weak argument! Because no one disputes the
other ancient books that they like which were also written by “flawed” men.

No one wants to live right and answer for their sins. This is why they find
any and every kind of excuse in order not to obey the commands of Christ
that gives them life and promotes the absolute peace of it. 

jhon doe says:

I wouldn’t necessarily say that Christianity was the worst, after all from
Algeria to Iran the area was densely inhabited by black people. what Islam
doesn’t tell you is the millions that were exterminated by Islam; and if
you knew the true history of Islam you would now it was a creation of the

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Def Master D BroughamCoupedeville says:

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